Performance Matters

Buckle up: Connected Cars are Coming

From Total Recall, to Knight Rider, to Batman, it’s fair to say that the public imagination loves a good autonomous vehicle. But what would happen if the Batmobile lost its internet connection mid-adventure, or KIT got hacked by a third party? It might not make the best movie, but it may be a little more […]

Digital Experience: Monitoring What You Need With Synthetic

By Sven Hammar, CPO of Apica Digital experience monitoring isn’t new, and there are many ways for enterprise companies to slice that pie depending on IT and business needs. The one unifying challenge, in all cases, is finding the right combination of technologies that will not only meet customers’ expectations, but also help transform the […]

IoT: Where We Are Now & Where We Need to Be

By Sven Hammar, CPO and Founder at Apica By 2020, Gartner predicts there will be 20.8 billion data-creating devices connected to the internet. The Internet of Things (IoT) is already at work in our everyday lives, making homes, offices and streets more connected. So what are the most common applications of IoT today, what can […]

Maintain an Extremely High Uptime Using Monitoring Tools

Proactive DEM (digital experience monitoring) has become a critical piece of the puzzle for digital organizations, especially as application complexity continues to rise and cloud migration is no longer just a strategic idea. Automation is driving digital transformation today and businesses are investing in people, practices, and tools to ensure their critical internal and external […]

Part II: Monitoring for Fun and Profit II (RUM/RUA vs. Synthetic)

For the second piece in this series on monitoring for fun and profit we will focus on RUM/RUA. As was done previously will generically define RUM/RUA and cover a typical RUM set of metrics as a basis for a RUM starting point. I prefer the Real User Analytics (RUA) and will use it interchangeably with […]

Monitoring for Fun and Profit II (RUM/RUA vs. Synthetic)

Previously, we spoke about the many reasons that monitoring could be enabled and the many types of monitoring. This article will be a two part piece that lays the groundwork for what the use cases are for each of the following monitoring types; Synthetic vs. RUM/RUA. Let’s start with Synthetic monitoring and its use cases. […]

Apica Taking the Lead in Performance Testing!

Testing is an indispensable part of all software development, and as is normal for all technological progress, testing has become more robust, more fragmented, and more complex over time. This progress can be double-edged at times. On one hand, the increased usage of networked applications in all spheres of life leads to an increasing criticality […]

5 Steps to Avoid the Damage of a Website Crash

Sven Hammar, founder and chief strategy officer, Apica The website crash experienced by Virgin Money Giving proved to be a very expensive mistake by the brand. Even temporarily ignoring the financial aspect, in the short-term it prevented friends, colleagues, and relatives from personally supporting those who were running. In the long term, it could potentially […]

How Automation is Driving Digital Transformation

The road to modernization is a critical one, and companies embarking on this journey will need to consider how each aspect of their business can be optimized to fulfill new growth potential and digital objectives. Automation is a key driver for digital transformation, enabling organizations to optimize their existing processes and keep pace with the […]