Transform retail experiences with real-time intelligence

Real-time, actionable intelligence to ensure retail platform performance, reliability, and security and delight customers.

Deliver a world-class customer experience

Never miss an issue or an opportunity to improve your infrastructure

Apica ensures the best world-class experiences for customers by ensuring that critical alerting and monitoring data is made available to the right teams on demand. All operational data is converged and controlled from  a single platform to ensure engineers have all the information they need to fix and improve performance, reliability, and security of their retail platform.

With Apica, teams can see a significant reduction in time to root cause issues as data can be accessed on demand when it is needed the most. Our built-in AI/ML capabilities mean unnecessary noise can be filtered out and high quality data can be made available for consumption.

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Securing data and the infrastructure

Apica allows teams to be alerted to anomalies, detect root-case of issues and respond to actionable intelligence provided to deal with security incidents faster and remediate potential issues. A higher quality of data means faster time to detect potential threats and bad actors that can adversely affect your business.

With Apica’s built-in support for ingesting data from popular security platforms, operating sytems, and cloud providers, building extended detection and response (XDR) capabilities for real-time threat hunting and detection become simple tasks for SecOps teams.

Making compliance a breeze

Apica’s built-in InstaStore provides long term data retention to the most extreme compliance environments so legal teams can meet stringent compliance standards like  PCI/DSS, HIPAA, SOC2, and GDPR.

Observability data pipeline control provides 1-Click privacy controls to manage PII information that is detected in data streams. PII data so often leaks through the cracks from within logs can be identified in real-time and masked among other actions before they rest in the company’s data stores. This can not only protect your business data, but also eliminate the significant amount of time and resources that would otherwise be needed to fix software systems at the source.

Making compliance a breeze

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  • 100% Data Control
  • Up to 85% Cost Savings
  • Up to 95% Faster Insights
  • Up to 4x Better ROI