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Apica FLOW’s Route capabilities enable users to efficiently manage their data by directing it to the appropriate destinations based on user-defined rules. These features streamline data processing, improving its accessibility and usefulness across various personas.


Data Routing

Automatically direct log data to specific destinations based on custom rules.

Conditional Routing

Route data based on specific conditions, such as content or source.

Data Forwarding

Send log data to multiple destinations, including storage, analysis, or monitoring tools.

Data Replication

Duplicate data to maintain backup copies or send to multiple endpoints.

Data Prioritization

Assign priority levels to data based on criteria, such as urgency or importance.

Data Partitioning

Divide data into smaller subsets for easier processing and management.

Data Throttling

Control the rate at which data is sent to different destinations to manage resource usage.

Data Archiving

Automatically store data in long-term storage for future retrieval and analysis.


  • Streamline data integration with automated routing and forwarding.
  • Enhance application performance with data throttling and prioritization.
  • Simplify data management with partitioning and conditional routing.
  • Protect application data with replication and archiving features.
Business Executives
  • Enhance decision-making with prioritized and accessible data.
  • Improve data management efficiency with automated routing and forwarding.
  • Protect business continuity with data replication and archiving.
  • Optimize resource usage with data throttling and partitioning.
Data Analysts
  • Streamline data analysis with condition-based routing and partitioning.
  • Increase productivity with automated data forwarding and prioritization.
  • Simplify data management with efficient routing and archiving features.
  • Reduce processing time with data throttling and prioritization.
IT Professionals
  • Optimize data storage and processing with routing and partitioning features.
  • Improve system performance with data throttling and prioritization.
  • Maintain data availability with replication and archiving capabilities.
  • Streamline data management with automated forwarding and routing.
Marketing Professionals
  • Enhance campaign efficiency with prioritized and partitioned data.
  • Improve customer segmentation with conditional routing and forwarding.
  • Access historical data for insights with data archiving features.
  • Boost productivity with automated data routing and management.

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