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100% visibility with Apica's Active Observability Solution.

Get complete visibility into your systems, applications, and infrastructure to understand and debug issues in real-time, with Apica’s multi-functional Active observability data fabric.

Active Observability with Apica

The Need for Active Observability

In today’s world, digital systems are increasingly complex and distributed, making it difficult to monitor and troubleshoot issues in real time. This is where Active Observability comes into play. It is a process of gaining complete visibility into your systems, applications, and infrastructure to understand and debug issues in real time.

According to a report by 650 Group in 2022, the market for observability is expected to expand from $278 million in 2022 to approximately $2 billion by the year 2026.

"In a world where applications are the business and digital experiences make or break a brand, Active observability can give you the competitive edge."

Organizations are constantly challenged with monitoring and troubleshooting their systems, leading to increased downtime and reduced productivity. Active Observability helps organizations overcome these challenges and ensure high-performance systems.

The Solution: Apica Active Observability Data Fabric

Apica is a revolutionary Active observability data fabric that helps organizations monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize their systems and applications with ease. Our operational data fabric is designed to provide complete visibility into your systems, so you can gain insights and debug issues in real-time.

Features and Benefits of Apica
Active Observability Data Fabric

Real-time Monitoring

Apica provides real-time monitoring of your systems and applications, so you can quickly detect and respond to issues as they arise.

Unified Dashboards

Apica provides a unified dashboard for monitoring and troubleshooting your systems, so you can access all the information you need in one place.

Customizable Alerts

Apica allows you to set up customizable alerts, so you can stay informed of critical issues and take prompt action when necessary.

Integration with Multiple Tools

Apica integrates with multiple tools and platforms, so you can monitor and troubleshoot your systems and applications from one place.

Scalable and Secure

Apica is scalable and secure, so you can monitor and troubleshoot large, complex systems with ease and confidence.

100% Visibility

You can uncover Performance Issues with Apica, debug Problems in Real-time, and gain Complete Visibility into Your Infrastructure.

Active Observability Use-Cases

Unlock Insights and Improve System Performance with the following Active Observability Use Cases:

  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting Distributed Systems: Active observability enables organizations to monitor their complex and distributed systems in real-time and quickly troubleshoot issues.
  • Root Cause Analysis: With Active visibility, organizations can quickly identify the root cause of an issue and take prompt action to resolve it.
  • Performance Optimization: Active observability provides organizations with a complete view of their systems and applications, enabling them to optimize performance and ensure high availability.
  • Incident Management: With real-time monitoring, customizable alerts, and integration with multiple tools, Active observability helps organizations manage incidents effectively and minimize downtime.
  • Compliance and Auditing: Active observability provides organizations with a complete and auditable view of their systems and applications, helping them comply with industry regulations and standards.
  • DevOps Collaboration: Active observability enables DevOps teams to collaborate effectively and resolve issues in real-time, improving the overall performance and reliability of their systems.

Apica’s Active Observability Benefits

Apica is an Active observability solution specialization platform. We help your business gain a deep understanding of your application performance and efficiency in the following ways.


Increased visibility into application and infrastructure performance

Our advanced monitoring and analytics tools provide enterprises with the necessary visibility into applications and infrastructure, to understand how everything fits together to improve user experience and ensure optimal application performance.

Apica’s FLOW can supercharge analytics and improve predictions and LAKE can instantly search and visualize at Petabyte scale.

Improved user experience through enhanced monitoring and analytics

Apica uses advanced AI algorithms to provide granular insights into user experience and optimize application performance. We also provide automated anomaly detection, enabling enterprises to quickly identify and address any issues before they affect user experience.

Using machine learning, our platform can anticipate potential problems before they occur, allowing you to take proactive action to ensure optimal performance levels. This reduces system downtime and helps reduce operational costs.


Proactive issue detection, diagnosis, automated root cause analysis and resolution

Our proactive approach helps detect and diagnose issues faster, reducing downtime significantly.

Additionally our platform uses AI-driven analytics to quickly identify and diagnose the root cause of any performance issue, allowing you to resolve it more quickly.

Granular analysis to identify resource bottlenecks and optimize utilization:
Apica’s granular analysis allows you to identify resource bottlenecks and optimize utilization for improved efficiency quickly.

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