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Built-in compliance.
Rich monitoring and security dashboards.

Real-time monitoring of your organizations compliance posture.

Making compliance a breeze

Rapid Compliance at scale

In an increasingly regulated environment, compliance is among the top priorities for today’s CXOs. Yet compliance functions are often hamstrung by a lack of manpower, budget, and technology. Apica provides a compliance solution that provides coverage while being both cost-effective and fast.

Automate compliance processes

Apica revolutionizes compliance management by automating processes and offering seamless integrations with popular frameworks such as PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR. This innovative solution not only bolsters efficiency but also significantly improves your overall compliance posture.

  • Streamlined, automated compliance workflows
  • Ready-to-use integrations with key compliance frameworks
  • Enhanced time and cost savings for compliance teams

Compliance need not be expensive and resource-intensive!

Apica presents an agile, cost-conscious compliance solution that highlights the criticality of compliance in mitigating risks and preserving an organization’s reputation. By offering a comprehensive and efficient approach to compliance management, Apica ensures adherence to regulatory requirements, thereby preventing penalties and safeguarding your organization’s image.

  • Provides a compliance framework for risk reduction and reputation preservation
  • Delivers a comprehensive, efficient, and budget-friendly compliance management solution
  • Guarantees regulatory compliance, averting penalties and protecting organizational reputation

Real-time visibility into your compliance posture

Apica’s innovative compliance solution empowers teams with accelerated report generation and real-time monitoring capabilities, ensuring prompt compliance adherence and risk visibility to prevent penalties and maintain organizational integrity.

  • Expedited compliance data retrieval and reporting processes
  • Compliance reports produced within minutes, saving time and resources
  • Continuous monitoring of compliance posture, providing up-to-date risk insights
InstaStore scales infinitely to catch and store all data in high volume environments

Manage scale of data for compliance with ease

Apica’s InstaStore architecture offers scalable, high-speed data management, addressing compliance challenges and ensuring performance reliability.
  • Innovative InstaStore architecture on any object storage
  • Scalable and speedy data ingestion, storage, and retrieval
  • Resolves data management issues for improved compliance
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