Active Observability.
Complete Visibility.
Never fall behind.

The most comprehensive and user-friendly platform in the industry.
Gain real-time insights into every layer of your infrastructure with automatic anomaly detection and root cause analysis.

Optimize performance, increase efficiency, and provide exceptional customer experiences.


Are you struggling to handle
vast data from complex, distributed systems efficiently?

Data volume and complexity

Overwhelmed by massive, intricate data from dispersed networks?

Toolchain fragmentation

Are disjointed tools hindering your productivity in complex systems?


Are you experiencing alert fatigue from constant, irrelevant notifications?

Security and

How are you addressing data protection and user confidentiality concerns?

Cost and

How do you manage expenses while ensuring system growth and scalability?


How are you working to break barriers between isolated departmental functions?


We Can Help.
See How.

Enhance data control, reduce vendor lock-in.
Store first-mile data, prevent data loss.
Optimize costs with accurate data forwarding.
Boost compliance through on-demand data retrieval.
Ensure redundancy, minimize outage impact.
Protect sensitive data, avoid resting cloud.
Adapt to evolving business requirements.


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Every control.
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Unified monitoring: Logs, metrics, traces, packets

InstaStore indexes 100% of all incoming observability data from all your data sources. Data at rest uses Apache Parquet format that ensures data availability at any scale, simplified retrieval, and faster time to insight.

On InstaStore, repository and processing come together to enable data access that’s 2x faster and columnar data retrieval.

  • Seamless integration with Traces
  • View all logs associated with a specific trace identifier
  • Logs can be downloaded as CSV or JSON
  • Deep integration with Metrics and Traces for a complete view of system behavior
  • Deep integration with Logs and Traces for a complete view of system behavior
  • Ability to navigate from a metric to a log and then to a trace
  • Built-in support for OpenTelemetry and Jaeger protocols
  • SpanStore built on InstaStore for optimized storage and retrieval of traced data
  • Seamless integration with Logs for troubleshooting and analysis
  • Deep integration with Metrics and Logs for a complete view of system behavior

Real-time data analytics and visualization

Our real-time data analysis and visualization capabilities allow you to quickly and easily analyze data from across your infrastructure, providing instant insights into trends, patterns, and potential issues. With our platform, you can make informed decisions in real-time, optimize system performance, and improve the overall user experience.