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Bring Your Own Bucket

"Zero" Storage Tax

Start monitoring your infrastructure in minutes with Apica. Just create an S3 compatible bucket, configure your access and secret key in Apica, and you’re good to go.


Getting Started with Apica is Simple

Flexible Data Partitioning​

Flexible Data Partitioning

Apica ingests data from your infrastructure, partitions it by various dimensions such as time, and stores it in your bucket. The data is kept in an open format, allowing you to connect and process it with your preferred tools.

Strong Isolation

Achieve strong isolation by separating your logs by environment type, tenant, K8S namespace, and more. Apica’s flexible rule engine allows for fine-grained data separation at the bucket level.

Strong Isolation​
No Retention Limits​

No Retention Limits

Keep your logs for as long as you need. With Apica, there are no storage taxes for long-term retention. Configure your bucket lifecycle policies to manage data retention, even indefinitely.

1-Click Compliance and Governance

Easily archive data to colder storage tiers for high-governance environments using your object store vendor’s lifecycle management policies. Apica ensures compliance and governance with just a click.
1-Click Compliance and Governance
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