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Instantly replay
historical data to any target


Apica FLOW’s Replay capabilities enable users to access and analyze historical data with ease, allowing for better decision-making and insight generation. These features provide a powerful tool for understanding past events and trends across various personas.


Data Replay

Retrieve and review historical log data on-demand.

Time-based Replay

Access log data from a specific time range.

Event-based Replay

Retrieve log data based on specific events or conditions.

Comparative Analysis

Compare historical data with current data to identify trends and changes.

Data Visualization

Visualize historical data to better understand patterns and relationships.

Data Export

Export historical data for further analysis or reporting.

Data Annotation

Add notes or comments to historical data to provide context or insights.

Alerting and Notification

Receive alerts when historical data matches specific conditions or thresholds.


  • Debug and optimize applications with insights from historical data.
  • Identify performance trends by comparing historical and current data.
  • Enhance collaboration with data annotation and visualization features.
  • Stay informed about potential issues with alerting and notification features.
Business Executives
  • Improve decision-making with insights from historical data.
  • Identify trends and changes by comparing past and present data.
  • Enhance business continuity with on-demand access to historical data.
  • Receive timely alerts based on historical data analysis.
Data Analysts
  • Conduct in-depth analysis with time-based and event-based data replay.
  • Enhance data interpretation with visualization and annotation features.
  • Improve productivity with on-demand access to historical data.
  • Streamline reporting with data export capabilities.
IT Professionals
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues by reviewing historical log data.
  • Identify system performance trends with comparative analysis.
  • Enhance system monitoring with alerting and notification features.
  • Maintain comprehensive records with data annotation and visualization.
Marketing Professionals
  • Understand customer behavior trends with historical data analysis.
  • Improve campaign effectiveness by comparing past and current data.
  • Access and analyze historical data for better customer segmentation.
  • Stay informed with alerting and notification features based on historical data.
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