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Petabyte-scale indexing.
Instant reporting.
Supercharge data compliance.


Compliance and audit are essential aspects of observability, ensuring the security and reliability of IT infrastructure. Apica and InstaStore offer centralized log management, proactive analytics, and granular reporting, helping businesses meet data compliance requirements while saving time and resources.


Compliance-focused monitoring

Track metrics and user behavior to maintain regulatory compliance and design dependable systems.

Security and intrusion detection

Identify potential security risks and unauthorized access in real-time using event logs.

Penalty avoidance

Reduce costs by meeting compliance requirements and avoiding non-compliance penalties.

Granular reporting and audit trails

InstaStore and Apica facilitate detailed reporting, making audits more efficient and accurate.

Customizable alerts and access controls

Enhance security and compliance with tailored notifications and access level management.

Automation for efficiency

Streamline compliance processes, saving time and resources through automation and rules-based intelligence.


IT Managers
  • Simplified compliance management
  • Centralized log management for better oversight
  • Cost reduction through efficient processes
Security Professionals
  • Real-time detection of security risks
  • Customizable alerts for rapid response
  • Enhanced data protection and compliance
Data Analysts
  • Access to granular reporting for audits
  • Quick insights into potential compliance issues
  • Streamlined data analysis for improved decision-making
Business Executives
  • Reduced risk of non-compliance penalties
  • Improved data security and reliability
  • Efficient resource allocation and cost savings
  • Detailed reporting and audit trails
  • Transparency in user activities and data access
  • Faster and more accurate audit processes
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