Performance Matters

Apica as an Alternative to Micro Focus SiteScope

Change is never easy, but a necessity as legacy software can’t keep up with the current needs or demand. ┬áCase in point is what we are seeing with solutions like HP/Micro Focus SiteScope, though a great product for years

Switch from LoadRunner to a New Performance Testing Software

With the continued growth of applications being used in and out of an organization, getting a firm grasp on the performance of these devices and its impact on your environment is important. With this shift in applications everywhere enterprises need to do their due diligence in testing complex modern applications at scale, often and at […]

Apica Helps HBO Deliver Infinite Streaming Scalability

The thing with a television network having a hit TV show is that everyone wants to watch it. And while it can be huge for their bottom line, there is also a significant technical challenge when the program is being streamed. That’s what HBO experienced with the cultural phenomenon that has been the hit program […]

IoT Monitoring for Today and Tomorrow

The two buzz words this year have been the “Connected Car” and “IoT Device.” The automotive industry has taken the lead in ensuring both are integrated into their innovations and even the services they offer. Automotive manufacturers are moving to not only deliver the most innovative autonomous cars, but also the ability to connect to […]