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Media and Entertainment

Entertainment, Communication & Streaming Media

Delivering best-in-class customer experiences for audio, video, and gaming applications

Deliver a world-class customer experience

Perfect streaming experience

It is paramount for communication, streaming, and gaming platforms to deliver a flawless, engaging, and uninterrupted user experience for every single customer. Such an experience across every type of user interface – laptop, smart TV, mobile phone, tablet, or kiosk –  is critical to ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction, NPS ratings, hours of content consumed per customer. Such is the pace and expectation nowadays that even a second of delay or unavailability can lead to poor reviews, high dropout rates, and loss of a significant portion of the subscriber or user base ultimately affecting the revenue and profitability of the company.

With Apica, real-time anomaly and error detection and alerting, remediation and analytics become useful tools that technology and business teams can instantly leverage to ensure issues are identified and fixed before they result in any harm to the business. Pattern-based anomaly detection powered by AI/ML built into the Apica platform provides a higher level of capability that becomes indispensable to staying in front of any potential issue that can affect the reputation and quality of the service.

InstaStore scales infinitely to catch and store all data in high volume environments

Enabling Real-time analytics and insights

Apica is used by gaming companies that support millions of users on their gaming/streaming platform. Powered by an infinite-scale architecture, Apica enables companies to never be behind any statistic, metric, or insight that is necessary for them to have a real-time view of the exact customer experience at any point in time at any location in the world.

Analysis of key metrics like live viewership, device engagement, repeat traffic, view duration, quality of service, user engagement, geographical distribution, etc can be easily viewed and alerted on using any of our standard or customizable dashboards and reports.

Collecting, and optimizing data from multi-media services, API gateways, and cloud environments that can help identify service disruption, software rollout issues, while connecting them to downstream platforms for KPI dashboards ensures the best possible experience for end users.

Making compliance a breeze

Apica’s built-in InstaStore provides long term data retention to the most extreme compliance environments so legal teams can meet stringent compliance standards like PCI/DSS, SOC2, and GDPR. The use of Object storage for InstaStore means that firms can also achieve many FINRA compliance requirements for data retention, archival and immutability.

The Observability data pipeline control provides 1-Click privacy controls to manage PII information that is detected in data streams. PII data so often leaks through the cracks from within logs can be identified in real-time and masked among other actions before they rest in the company’s data stores. This can not only protect your financial data, but also eliminate the significant amount of time and resources that would otherwise be needed to fix software systems at the source.

Making compliance a breeze
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