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Powerful Eventing System

Never miss an important event with real-time event categorization and grouping.

Apica ships with a built-in, powerful, and flexible events and alert management engine that helps reduce the noise in your alerts. Use our simple UI to create programmatic rules that can detect critical issues in your infrastructure in real-time.

Spot events in real-time

Bring and view all important events to the surface through powerful querying and AI-backed analytics.

Sift through data quickly

Filter events based on relevant criteria such as time range, event severity levels and text based search

Plug-and-play event rules

Apica ships with plenty of built-in event rules that you can use to filter through events in your log data without any additional querying.

Customize and group events

Create custom rules that are unique to your ecosystem. Group your rules for better control over sampling incoming data.

Reduce alert noise

Cluster and group events with Apica’s machine learning capabilities and AI-backed analytics to only observe and surface events of utmost importance.

Deliver alerts to existing destinations

Configure custom alerts on events and have them delivered to custom endpoints or existing third-party alerting systems.
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