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Instantly search and visualize at petabyte-scale


InstaStore revolutionizes operational, machine and observability data management by utilizing object storage with real-time capabilities, eliminating tiering issues and reducing storage operation overheads. It ensures that observability data is fully indexed, searchable, and accessible, allowing for real-time data analysis and comparison.


Real-time search capabilities

Access and analyze data instantly for faster decision-making and improved operations.

Elimination of tiering

Avoid issues caused by tiering, simplifying storage management and enhancing data accessibility.

Reduced storage overheads

Cut down on storage operation costs, maximizing efficiency and resource allocation.

Fully indexed observability data

Quickly search and mine data, facilitating accurate and informed decisions.

Uniform access to unfiltered data

Access both master data and optimized data seamlessly for comprehensive analysis.

Built-in forwarders for downstream applications

Easily integrate data with other applications to provide additional context and insights.


IT Managers
  • Streamlined data management
  • Cost reduction through efficient storage
  • Improved access to critical information
Data Analysts
  • Instant access to indexed, searchable observability data
  • Comprehensive data analysis with unfiltered access
  • Accelerated insights and decision-making
Security Professionals
  • Real-time comparison and analysis of security and log data
  • Enhanced security incident detection
  • Faster remediation of security issues
  • Simplified integration with downstream applications
  • Reduced development time
  • Enhanced application performance with additional context
Business Executives
  • Improved decision-making based on real-time data
  • Cost savings from reduced storage overheads
  • Increased operational efficiency and agility
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