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Real-time Intelligence.
Comprehensive Insights.
Easy Compliance.

Real-time, actionable intelligence to ensure peak platform performance, reliability, and security.

Deliver a world-class customer experience.

Mitigate incidents. Ensure security and performance

Apica enables financial institutions to manage IT and cloud infrastructures securely and efficiently with its InstaStore architecture, providing quick response to compliance requirements and a secure customer experience.

  • InstaStore allows collection, analysis, and action on large amounts of machine data and events.
  • Ensures fast response to compliance and regulatory requests and enables trend analysis.
  • Focuses on scale, security, and agility for an always-on and secure experience.

Hyperscale performance.

Apica’s microservices and InstaStore architecture allows for efficient handling of large volumes of real-time data, while its automated pattern-recognition and anomaly detection features enable financial institutions to deliver top-notch customer experiences.
  • Microservices and InstaStore architecture facilitate compliance and control over massive real-time data streams.
  • Automated pattern-recognition and anomaly detection support alerting and diverse incident response options.
  • Empowers financial institutions to provide best-in-class customer experiences.

Making compliance a breeze.

Apica’s InstaStore ensures long-term data retention for meeting strict compliance standards while offering one-click privacy controls for PII management, effectively securing financial data and saving time and resources.

  • InstaStore’s long-term data retention complies with PCI/DSS, SOC2, GDPR, and many FINRA requirements.
  • One-click privacy controls manage PII information detected in data streams, preventing data leakage.
  • Efficient PII management protects financial data and reduces time and resources spent on fixing software systems.
Making compliance a breeze
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