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Advanced scripting

Apica’s Powerful Scripting Engine

In the current landscape, aligning IT and business goals is crucial due to the growing market demand for frequent app and service releases. This challenges IT teams, aiming for fast, top-quality, and secure releases. To stay agile and competitive while effectively testing new apps, Apica’s Scripting Engine offers advanced script-based load/stress testing for both, testing and ongoing monitoring, without changes.
apica scripting engines

Seamless Migration with Scripting Engine

For smooth business continuity during new deployments or services, outdated testing investments fall short in today's digital economy. Apica’s Scripting Engine's advanced features facilitate effortless migration and integration with existing environments and legacy testing/monitoring assets. Apica's experts ensure a seamless transition to the Scripting Engine for any organization.

“Working with Apica is like working with a boutique shop because they anticipate all our needs before we do.”

— Vice President of Operations for a large insurance company

Enhance Your Business via Automation

In the era of rapid digital transformation, adapting swiftly to change is vital for competitiveness. To achieve this, automation is essential. With Apica’s Scripting Engine, you gain advanced scripting for demanding loads, streamlining processes through automation. The Scripting Engine is versatile across IT systems and processes, enabling seamless technology deployment in your current setups.

Seamless Integration and Strong Support for Existing Investments

Apica’s Scripting Engine, like all its offerings, smoothly integrates with major tech platforms. Apica lets you enhance your app monitoring and testing investments. The Scripting Engine offers:

Automatic creation of tailored test scripts from your GUI actions

Built-in guides to extract and assign user-specific session details

Support for input files with personalized data

User-specific execution control, response checks, and error actions

Advanced scripting aided by inline BASIC language scripts

Various authentication methods supported: Kerberos, NTM, Smart Card-based certificates, CyberArk, etc.

Develop custom plugins for personalized scripting

Convert LoadRunner scripts and run JMeter scripts

More insights. More affordable.
Less hassle.

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