Orchestrate, Automate, and
respond faster to threats

Security, Operations, and Response (SOAR) is a security management approach that combines the functions of a security operations center (SOC) and an incident response team (IRT). SOAR systems are designed to detect, analyze, and respond to security threats and compliance violations.

Like SIEM systems, SOAR systems are used to orchestrate and automate the response to threats. Orchestration refers to the coordination of multiple security tools and processes to respond to a threat. This can include things like activating firewalls, blocking malicious traffic and quarantining infected systems. SOAR systems can be configured to automatically trigger these responses when a threat is detected, allowing organizations to respond to threats more quickly and effectively.

Automation is another key feature of SOAR systems. Automation can help organizations to reduce the time and effort required to respond to threats, and can also help to reduce the risk of errors. For example, SOAR systems can be configured to automatically update security policies, apply patches, or run security scans in response to a threat.

SOAR systems can also be used to monitor and manage the response to a security incident. This can include things like tracking the progress of incident response, coordinating communication between different teams, and providing reports and analysis on the incident.

By orchestrating and automating the response to threats, SOAR systems can help organizations to respond more quickly and effectively to security threats and compliance violations. This can help to minimize the impact of a security incident, and can also help to protect against future threats.

Apica’s cloud-native architecture enables rapid scalability to handle the accumulation and analysis of logs from all your application and infrastructure data sources during times of high ingestion.

Use Apica’s built-in webhooks to connect to ANY SOAR platform and trigger remediation workflows on detected events.

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