In the ever-evolving landscape of digital performance monitoring and observability, Apica has proven once again that it stands at the forefront of innovation. The recent recognition of Apica’s exceptional contributions comes in the form of the prestigious Silver Stevie Award in the Product & Service Category.

The winners were announced in the 20th International Business Awards on August 14, 2023. We are elated to win the Silver Stevie Award in the category of (IoT) Analytics Solutions. This achievement underscores Apica’s commitment to excellence and our dedication to providing businesses with unparalleled insights into critical transactions and applications.

The Stevie Awards: A Global Celebration of Excellence

The Stevie Awards, established in 2002, have grown to become a symbol of excellence and recognition for outstanding achievements across various industries. These awards serve to acknowledge the positive contributions of organizations and professionals worldwide. The Silver Stevie Award acknowledges our efforts to enhance the digital landscape.

Enabling a Seamless Digital Landscape

In the realm of digital performance monitoring and observability, Apica has carved a niche by enabling businesses to navigate the complexities of today’s dynamic digital landscape.

Our mission is to offer comprehensive visibility and observability across devices, authentication services, and applications, Apica empowers businesses to tackle intricate digital performance challenges across multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments.

Empowering Businesses with Active Observability

The Apica Ascent platform stands as a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of performance monitoring. The platform combines active monitoring with load testing, streamlining cloud migrations, application management, and infrastructure issue resolution. The user-centric approach empowers businesses to proactively identify performance bottlenecks before users even log in, fostering agility and visibility to meet evolving demands.

Furthermore, Apica’s journey takes a monumental leap with its recent acquisition of Data Fabric Innovator LOGIQ.AI. This strategic move, coupled with $10M in new funding, reflects Apica’s commitment to modernizing data management.

Integration into the Apica Ascent Platform will usher in active observability, alleviating data challenges for IT, DevOps, and monitoring teams. The result, new capabilities in unifying complex data sources with observability data fabric to optimize data collection and analysis, while ultimately driving down costs.

Apica’s Distinctive Edge

What sets Apica apart is its synthetic monitoring approach, which emulates real users at scale. This approach, combined with seamless integration into DevOps environments and CI/CD tools, solidifies Apica’s position as a leader in Observability.

With the recent developments, we now have an even more comprehensive suite of products, namely, OBSERVE (including synthetic monitoring and load testing), FLOW, and LAKE. These enhancements alleviate dashboarding friction, empowering customers to access and utilize data ever more seamlessly with the powerful integration of active observability.

Celebrating Apica’s Market Recognition

Apica’s synthetic monitoring platform has not only garnered customer acclaim but also received recognition from industry experts. The Digital Innovator Award from Intellyx, inclusion in Gartner’s DEM Guide for its user-centric approach, and a spot in GigaOm’s Radar Report for Performance Testing collectively reinforce Apica’s position as a market leader.

Greg Abbas from Ally Financial succinctly captures the impact of Apica’s platform, stating, “We have absolutely seen ROI. The percentage of time saved that we’ve gotten from this platform has been helpful.” Another satisfied customer, Nick McDonald, praises Apica’s platform as superior to other monitoring solutions on the market, hailing it as “leaps and bounds above pretty much everything else out there.”

The Road Ahead

As Apica continues its journey at the forefront of digital performance and data management, its Silver Stevie Award stands as a testament to its exceptional contributions to the industry. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, observability, and user-centricity, Apica is well-poised to lead the way in the evolving landscape of performance monitoring and observability. The Silver Stevie Award is not only a recognition of past achievements but also a harbinger of the promising future that awaits us.