It’s nearly impossible for any business to stand alone and keep all its information within the confines of the data center. Virtually every business relies on outside service providers for anything from web servers to third-party APIs enabling their app functionality for the end user. For those service providers, protecting the information they have access to is critical to running a healthy business and gaining the trust of their customers.

Apica has been working diligently to broaden its security practices by securing two new certifications this year. Together they demonstrate our commitment to information security best practices and delivering the best value for customers.

ISO 27001 Certification

Many of the world’s top technology enterprises maintain the ISO 27001 security certification, which is a globally recognized certification developed by the International Organization for Standardization Standards. Achieving it requires a security-conscious mindset throughout the organization, and it’s more than just setting up a few rules. It means developing a comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS), of course. But it also requires a company to fully implement and maintain that system, and to have an in-depth understanding of the specific risks they have based on the specifics of their business.

Achieving ISO 27001 was a high priority for us. It has been a great personal and professional journey for me to understand the ISO27001 security certification and SOC2 compliance requirements, create policies & procedures, implement security best practices both process and system wise, to raise security awareness, and to train the whole organization of the importance of good Information Security.

Apica’s ISO 27001 certificate is issued by DNV. It covers all Apica’s business and is available here.

SOC2 Type 2 Compliance

To further demonstrate Apica’s ability to carefully handle sensitive information, we have had a full-Service Organization Control audit on our operational controls, in accordance with standards developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. The resulting report illustrates our ability to deliver secure, private service with a high degree of availability for our customers and business partners. It demonstrates our commitment to integrity, delivering the secure experience we say we do.

“Security is a very important part of our commitment towards our customers that have rigorous security standards and expectations on all their vendors. We believe that these achievements will not only help our customers see Apica as a key vendor but also attract new customers that are looking for the best monitoring solution out there.” said Mathias Thomsen, CEO at Apica.

The SOC2 reports covers Apica Synthetic Monitoring and Apica LoadTest and have been audited by the CPA firm Johanson Group LLP. The SOC2 will be made available to current and potential Apica customers provided a nondisclosure agreement is in place. Interested parties should contact customer support at +1 (310) 776-7540 (North America) or +46 (0)8-400 273 27 (EMEA).

With these achievements Apica has reduced the risk of a costly data breach compromising corporate or customer assets. They bolster our compliance posture with requirements around the world and help open new paths to business success. They also further set us apart as the leader in the digital performance monitoring market.

Internally, as a company we have a greater sense of understanding of who is responsible for which information assets, and an increased focus on delivering the best service possible to our customers. The ISO 27001 security certification and SOC2 Type 2 compliance are two more impressive achievements in a year full of successes for Apica.

Read the News Release for more detail!