Today, we are excited to announce that we have partnered with Boomi to provide its customers with unparalleled observability capabilities on its integration platform.

Boomi customers will now have extensive monitoring and real-time alerting of the Boomi runtime and associated infrastructure via our Run-Time Observability (RTO), ensuring that customer-managed runtimes have critical insight into performance metrics, including workloads and APIs, before problems arise, resulting in optimized and more efficient operations. Boomi customers can now look forward to less toil and more control of their integration and automation pipelines.

Boomi works with some of the world’s biggest brands, including LinkedIn, Expedia, and AT&T, providing intelligent integration and automation solutions. Boomi’s mission is to enable intelligent integration and automation of mission-critical applications and data sources for companies that cannot afford to fail, so teaming up with Apica was a natural partnership. Using Apica’s RTO, Boomi customers will have enhanced performance and reliability and the potential to compile millions of signals from all over their environment and proactively react to them.

Our RTO was purposely designed to natively integrate with Boomi and provide its customers with a big-picture view of the Boomi runtime environment. Built on open standards, such as OpenTelemetry, RTO provides a standards-based approach to data collection ensuring maximum flexibility and compatibility. RTO includes:

  • Out-of-the-box Boomi-specific visualizations, dashboards, and alerts.
  • Collection of telemetry data via gather all relevant logs, metrics and traces.
  • Quick correlation among telemetry data root cause to resolve issues faster

We are proud to help elevate the Boomi customer experience. Our active observability and monitoring technologies have been and continue to be created to meet today’s complex challenges of modern distributed digital architecture. Thanks to this partnership, Boomi customers now can monitor for anomalies or problems for the entire stack that is in charge of their crucial workloads before they affect company operations. Utilizing RTO will, in turn, result in the highest levels of performance and dependability. Boomi customers’ essential applications will become even more resilient thanks to Apica’s RTO.

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