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Apica Partners with Boomi to Deliver Unmatched Performance Visibility for Boomi Customers

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Run-Time Observability (RTO) powered by Apica takes Boomi customer experience to new heights with unmatched visibility into performance of Boomi environments.

Philadelphia – March 20, 2024Apica, the leader in data management and active observability, today announced that it has partnered with Boomi, the intelligent integration and automation leader, to deliver Run-Time Observability (RTO) powered by the Apica Ascent platform.

RTO will provide Boomi customers with comprehensive monitoring and alerting of the Boomi runtime and underlying infrastructure to ensure customer managed runtimes remain healthy and operational. This will provide Boomi customers with unprecedented visibility into the performance of Boomi workloads and APIs, empowering them to proactively monitor their business processes and drive optimization. As a result, business processes run more efficiently, giving Boomi customers enhanced levels of control over their integration and automation pipelines.

“This is great for Boomi customers,” said Reggie Penn, Global Head of Technology Alliances at Boomi. “Our mission at Boomi is to enable intelligent integration and automation of mission critical applications and data sources for companies that cannot afford to fail. RTO is a great addition to our Technology Partner Program, enabling our customers to enhance performance and reliability. Thanks to Apica, customers now have the ability to aggregate millions of signals across their landscape and proactively and intelligently respond to those signals. Customers can leverage that data to create even more value for their business. This ensures that they stay one step ahead, which is critical in today’s competitive market.”

RTO was purpose-built by Apica to natively integrate with Boomi, which provides a holistic view of key metrics across the entire Boomi Integration landscape. The robust, open, modern architecture is built on open standards for flexibility, data safety, and unlimited scale. It provides crystal-clear visibility into Boomi workloads and APIs with powerful analytics to proactively optimize performance and resolve incidents faster. RTO includes:

  • Out of the box Boomi-specific visualizations, dashboards, and alerts
  • Quick correlation of metrics, traces, and logs to pinpoint root cause and resolve issues faster

“RTO will take the Boomi customer experience to a new level,” said John DiStasio, VP of Channel Sales at Apica. “Navigating the complexities of modern distributed digital architecture is a challenge. With Apica monitoring, Boomi customers now have an unparalleled level of visibility into the health and performance of the full stack responsible for their critical workloads, and can analyze, alert and address anomalies or issues before they impact business operations, ensuring the highest standards of reliability and performance. RTO will make the mission critical applications of Boomi customers even more resilient.”

Learn more about the Apica and Boomi partnership by visiting:

The Boomi Technology Partner Program consists of software companies across multiple applications such as EDA, ERP, EDI, MFT and AI that reaches across various industries including government, education, financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing. Boomi provides organizations with greater scalability and greater control over data orchestration between application transactions, allowing connectivity to scale as organizations adopt a wider range of solutions.

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