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Quickly diagnose and troubleshoot complex problems by bringing together all MELT (Metrics, Events, Logs, and Traces) data.

Complete visibility of all observability data

DevOps and SRE teams are struggling to collect, unify, and make sense of diverse, heterogeneous data across their hybrid IT environments. Siloed data, siloed tools, and siloed teams in the cloud make troubleshooting applications in hybrid environments a nightmare. 

Apica helps teams to quickly diagnose and troubleshoot complex problems by bringing together MELT data across various devices, providers, hosts, frameworks, and containers. Apica provides a unified view of all application performance data in a cohesive policy-based environment that delivers rapid alerting as well as easy troubleshooting and diagnostics. 

360-degree view at all times

Apica provides a unified interface for DevOps and SRE teams to access diverse data sources, simplifying investigations and analysis while ensuring security and compliance.

  • One-stop interface for multiple data sources
  • Real-time data visualization and querying
  • Code-free log cleanup and metric extraction

AI-powered alerting and anomaly detection

Apica’s AI-driven engine efficiently analyzes vast data streams, enabling DevOps and SRE teams to manage alerts effectively and improve productivity.

  • Intelligent analysis of enormous data volumes
  • Automatic baselining and deviation detection
  • Enhanced visibility without alert fatigue or inbox overflow

Data Pipeline and Control

Apica’s platform enhances observability with data pipeline controllability, routing relevant information to DevOps and SRE teams, eliminating data overload.

  • Centralized data collection and alerting
  • Data pipeline controllability for precision
  • Advanced filtering and analysis to focus on critical insights

Leaving without a Demo?

Here’s what you’d be missing:
  • 100% Data Control
  • Up to 85% Cost Savings
  • Up to 95% Faster Insights
  • Up to 4x Better ROI