Apica’s Ascent has achieved remarkable results in the 2023 Application Performance Management Data Quadrant Report published by SoftwareReviews, a notable source for insights on the software provider landscape.  

The report gathers extensive customer experience data from business and IT professionals, offering detailed and authentic insights into the experience of evaluating and purchasing enterprise software. 


Following are the impressive achievements of Apica Ascent in the report: 

  • High Appreciation for Unique Features: An outstanding 90% of users love Apica Ascent’s unique features, highlighting the product’s innovation and effectiveness in addressing specific user needs. 

90% Love Apica Ascent's Unique Features

  • Increased Productivity: A significant 97% of users reported that using Apica Ascent increased their productivity. This reflects the product’s ability to streamline operations and enhance efficiency in complex IT environments. 

  • Reliability: Similarly, 97% of users affirm that Apica Ascent is reliable, emphasizing the product’s consistency and dependability in critical performance management tasks. 

  • Business Value Creation: Apica Ascent ranked number one for creating business value, with 89% satisfaction. This underscores the product’s effectiveness in delivering tangible benefits and maximizing return on investment. 


  • Synthetic Monitoring Excellence: The product excels in synthetic monitoring, simulating user interactions with online applications to proactively ensure optimal performance and user experience. 

  • Product Feature Functionality: In terms of product feature functionality, Apica Ascent received exceptional levels of satisfaction, indicating its well-designed features that reliably enable performance. 
  • Deployment Flexibility: Apica Ascent offers cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployment options, meeting diverse organizational needs and infrastructure setups. 
  • Innovative Technology Use: The product incorporates domain-centric AI/ML, which enhances application request tracing and other functionalities, receiving high satisfaction ratings.

The findings from the SoftwareReviews report, which is a division of Info-Tech Research Group, are a testament to Apica’s commitment to delivering high-quality, effective solutions in the realm of Application Performance Management.  

With these remarkable results, Apica Ascent stands out as a leading solution in the APM industry, demonstrating its capability to meet the dynamic needs of modern IT environments and contribute significantly to the productivity and success of its users.

Find the pdf for the inforgraphic by clicking on the link below.

ITRG – Apica Ascent Infographic- Oct 2023