Integrated solution will provide deeper insight on application performance to improve business results.

Apica is exhibiting at the O’Reilly Velocity 2012 Conference in booth #312, June 25 – 27, 2012 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, Calif.

Apica, a leading performance testing and monitoring provider for cloud, web and mobile applications, has partnered with AppDynamics, the next generation application performance management company. AppDynamics’ real-time application monitoring will now be integrated with Apica LoadTest, Apica ProxySniffer and Apica WebPerformance to bring enhanced visibility and analytics to the testing and monitoring of today’s most complex web, cloud and mobile applications. This integration will provide up to 10 times more visibility into distributed applications and enable 90 percent faster root cause analysis while deploying in minutes–everything that IT ops and dev teams require to optimize performance in today’s revenue-critical applications.

  • “Companies today cannot afford performance problems to be anywhere in their applications,” says Sven Hammar, CEO of Apica. “Users expect a fast and reliable web, cloud, and mobile experience. Every second delay can cost businesses valuable customers and revenue. Together with AppDynamics, we’re providing users with best-of-breed solutions to ensure uptime and availability for revenue-critical applications. They’ll have the most complete understanding available of the metrics that are powering or causing problems for their applications so they can take measures to improve performance.”

Performance testing, both as part of the development process as well as in the production environment, ensures that problems are quickly identified and resolved. Apica LoadTest, Apica ProxySniffer, and Apica WebPerformance reveal exactly how an application is performing from the end-user perspective. Now with the integration of AppDynamics, users can get a detailed inside view, down to the code level, of the path of a transaction and see exactly what is behind the performance metrics like availability and response times. This will enable businesses to isolate and address performance problems more quickly, before they can impact reputation or profits.

DevOps can access the Apica portals directly from a web browser. The architectural configuration can be adjusted from day-to-day operations to plan for extreme peaks of traffic as necessary. The same scripts can be used in both Apica LoadTest for performance and stress testing and Apica WebPerformance to measure end-user response times 24×7 for service assurance. Performance trends can be measured and analyzed over time from over 90 locations worldwide. The portals provide automatic alerts if there is any service degradation.

  • “Apica WebPerformance, Apica ProxySniffer and Apica LoadTest offer customers deep insight into the speed and capabilities of their web applications,” says Jyoti Bansal, Founder and CEO of AppDynamics. “IT operations teams love the production-ready capability of AppDynamics. Now through our partnership with Apica, they will be able to leverage that same visibility and root cause analysis to validate and tune new releases. Our integration with Apica will give businesses a new level of application performance insight.”

The integration of Apica and AppDynamics give DevOps staff an efficient way to correlate the view from the outside – from the end-user perspective – with the view from the inside, down to code level. Together, these two views provide the most complete snapshot of performance for supporting business processes and protecting revenues and brands.


Apica provides the most effective technology for optimizing the performance of cloud and mobile applications. The Apica WebExcellence Suite offers companies and developers alike easy-to-use, cloud-based load testing and web performance monitoring tools to test applications for maximum capacity, daily performance, improved load times, and protection from peak load. For more information about how Apica is providing the highest standard for cloud and mobile application performance management, visit
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