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Switch from LoadRunner to a New Performance Testing Software

With the continued growth of applications being used in and out of an organization, getting a firm grasp on the performance of these devices and its impact on your environment is important. With this shift in applications everywhere enterprises need to do their due diligence in testing complex modern applications at scale, often and at […]

Apica Helps HBO Deliver Infinite Streaming Scalability

The thing with a television network having a hit TV show is that everyone wants to watch it. And while it can be huge for their bottom line, there is also a significant technical challenge when the program is being streamed. That’s what HBO experienced with the cultural phenomenon that has been the hit program […]

Have You Tested Your App Performance & Capacity Recently?

2019 will go down as the year when giants collided over who is streaming the right content to win the growing market demand and dollars. Disney announced they would have a streaming service, while Netflix subscribers reached an all-time high with 137.1 million Netflix users as of Q3 2018. To top it all off, consumers […]

Self Service Atlassian Bamboo Plugin

Loadtest Bamboo deploy package on Atlassian Marketplace This package has been tested with Bamboo version 6.8. Overview The LTP Atlassian Bamboo plugin makes it possible to run automatic load tests as part of a build process. It starts and monitors a load test from start to finish and presents some statistics at the end. The […]

5 Steps to Avoid the Damage of a Website Crash

Sven Hammar, founder and chief strategy officer, Apica The website crash experienced by Virgin Money Giving proved to be a very expensive mistake by the brand. Even temporarily ignoring the financial aspect, in the short-term it prevented friends, colleagues, and relatives from personally supporting those who were running. In the long term, it could potentially […]

LoadRunner or JMeter: A False Premise

When I speak to QA Managers in my daily routine, I often hear a common scenario, they own LoadRunner as their performance load testing solution, but they have been told by “C” level executives within their organization to replace it with a “free” open source solution like JMeter. This is almost always due to the […]

Page & Transaction Throughput: Measuring Performance

As the holiday season approaches, the IT and Development teams for many ecommerce and online retail brands have already begun their application performance testing to gain answers to business-critical questions. What will happen when thousands upon thousands of users concurrently visit the web app to conduct their holiday gift shopping? At what point will the […]