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[Infographic] Is your Website Ready for the Holiday Season?

Last year, our Web Performance index highlighted how some retailers just don’t hit the mark when it comes to key retail events like Cyber Monday. With online spending expected to increase by 56% over the next five years, ensuring your site is ready for peak performance during busy times should be top of your agenda. […]

Five Lessons Learned From The London Marathon Let Down

Earlier this week, Virgin Money Giving announced that they would boost donations to the London Marathon by 10% after its website crashed the night before the race. Potential donators were left frustrated well into the morning of race day, despite the organisation’s best efforts to fix the issue. Runners and charities missed out on the […]

4 Considerations After Testing: Coding Cleanup & Revision

Load testing and monitoring provide a wealth of insight into how your business’s online platforms perform, but the data is only as good as the use developers make of it. Performance data typically helps developers single out parts of the larger application that aren’t running as smoothly as they could, and identifies when updates impact efficiency. Development […]

Case Study: The Broad Museum

LA’s new Broad Museum (pronounced brode) is a work of art in itself. Housed in a new $140m three-story building, it hosts over 2,000 works from Eli and Edyth Broad’s unrivaled contemporary art collection. The museum is home to art giants Jerry Koons, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and many other iconic artists. No surprise that […]

The Importance of Benchmark Testing

When creating a web application, the questions that have to be answered are “What will it do?” and “How well will it work?”. The answer to the first question lies with the developers that are creating the application, the answer to the second question can be found through a benchmark test.  A benchmarking test is […]

The Real ROI from Testing Video Games

In the business world, a strong first impression can make the difference between closing a deal and walking away empty-handed. This also applies to video game launches. Unlike many other forms of media entertainment, a product of excellent design can fail due to the poor implementation of infrastructure or delivery. A company’s best defenses against […]

Third Party Impacts on Load Testing

You have a pretty good handle on how your application works. You’ve talked the design through with your development team and maybe even sat in on some standalone tests or watched a demo performed under lab conditions. Everything looked good until it came time to test your application with all of the third party calls […]

Three Tips to Accelerate Page Load Times

Load testing and performance monitoring are great tools for helping your business understand how well your platforms perform under pressure, as well as identifying load time trouble spots. While these services can point your staff in the right direction to improve performance, however, making the necessary changes is a task that falls on their own […]