Apica LoadTest 2.9 is a major release with several important improvements and new features, detailed below. In total, 40+ functionalities have been improved and 43 bugs fixed.

  • (New) ProxySniffer 5.2E is now the official supported version for the Apica Loadtest Portal
  • (New) The Metric Browser has an improved layout and greater functionality on Result Overview Panel. It will soon be applied as a standard on all pages with graphs.
  • (New) AppDynamics and New Relic are now integrated and can be activated by navigating to Setup > Integrations
  • (New) Creating a scenario using URLs and Selenium scripts has been re-made with a more user-friendly UI and improved flexibility around the functionality
  • (Improvement) Loadtest execution has been improved to handle more special cases
  • (Improvement) The TeamCity plugin now supports triggers on the loadtest values e.g Trigger Build Failed if Failure Rate > 10%
  • (Improvement) Several pages (Result, Jobs, Projects) has been optimized in the way they retrieve data from the DB
  • (Improvement) Reports now has standard headers & footers

ProxySniffer 5.2E
ProxySniffer 5.2E is the official supported version for the Apica LoadTest portal.

AppDynamics & New Relic Integrations
AppDynamics & New Relic APM integrations can now be configured in Apica LoadTest Portal. The integration with these two APM vendors allows you to view their collected data together with load test results inside the Apica LoadTest Portal.
In addition, there is a plugin for ProxySniffer, which allows you to tag requests (and optionally trigger snapshots) inside of AppDynamics.

Continuous Integration – TeamCity
Customers may run load tests as an action in TeamCity, and then follow the performance of every release through TeamCity. The plugin initiates and monitors a load test from start to finish, after which it presents actionable results and statistics.

The TeamCity plugin supports triggers based on load test values (e.g. Trigger Build Failed if Failure Rate > 10%).

Our API has also been enhanced to support advanced integrations with other CI products.

New Metric Browser
The Metric Browser has an improved layout and functionality to enhance user experience when comparing different metrics. This update is currently applied only to the Result Overview panel, and will take over as the standard for all graphs in upcoming versions.

LoadTest Network
Apica’s LoadTest network supports more than 30 Gbps bandwidth and up to 2,000,000 simultaneous virtual users. 50+ testing co-locations around the world utilize both physical and hybrid cloud-based testing Clusters.