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Falling SSD Prices Make the Server More Practical

Keeping website and application load times to a minimum is essential in providing a positive customer experience. When the market creates an opportunity to replace the slowest part of the system with a faster solution, it’s worth taking notice. According to PC World, the technology market research experts at Gartner expect prices for Solid State Drives to crash in 2019. Plummeting SSD […]

The Cost of Downtime

Improving performance and eliminating downtime are two sides of the same coin when it comes to client conversions on your company’s web platforms. While the former is related to improving sales, the latter is concerned with keeping the sales your business already has. If your business has never needed to recover from an outage, consider yourself lucky: 90 […]

What We Learned from Amazon’s S3 Outage & How to Avoid It

Amazon’s outage (S3 web-based storage) in Northern Virginia caused large-scale disruption for many companies – not to mention the financial consequences of dreaded downtime. There are several important lessons businesses should take from this unprecedented failure, the key takeaway being that preparation is paramount. If Amazon’s cloud can go down, then any site is at […]

How To Remediate Service Disruptions Quickly & Effectively

Part 2 of 3-Part Series. Part 1 here. Skeptical about creating a monitoring strategy? Don’t be. Your business will get much more out of your monitoring services if you put more work into developing and implementing a clear strategy. In fact, the key to quickly and effectively restoring service after a disruption is to follow an established strategy that identifies problems early […]

Website Monitoring: How Overload Outages Develop

Website and mobile application overload outages quickly eat into your business’s bottom line. With the right preparation, load testing and monitoring can help your business keep an eye on both existing and potential traffic trends to predict outage risks. Outages from overloads are not usually random or unpredictable, and can typically be avoided if your business knows how to act on the telltale signs. Server […]

Developing and Implementing a Monitoring Strategy

Website and application monitoring provide immensely helpful information for improving your online platform’s performance-based customer experience. However, that information is only as useful as what your team does with it. According to a survey by Big Panda, IT professionals claimed “improving their organization’s overall monitoring strategy” is the biggest monitoring challenge in 2017. [Take a look at our Website and Application […]

How E-Commerce Sites Were Affected by the Amazon S3 Outage

Update March 8th, 2017 We’ve been contacted by representatives from who stated that their S3 instance was effected by the outage but did not impact our website or our ability to transact commerce because of our failover and disaster recovery plans. After further investigation, their checks were failing because of third-party services on their […]

Website Monitoring and Regional Outages

If a customer, client, or business associate contacts your staff in a panic about being unable to access one of your company’s websites, but the site works just fine on your end, they are likely experiencing a regional outage. The performance and accessibility you personally experience on your websites may not reflect what people experience […]

Case Study: The Broad Museum

LA’s new Broad Museum (pronounced brode) is a work of art in itself. Housed in a new $140m three-story building, it hosts over 2,000 works from Eli and Edyth Broad’s unrivaled contemporary art collection. The museum is home to art giants Jerry Koons, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and many other iconic artists. No surprise that […]