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Apica Helps HBO Deliver Infinite Streaming Scalability

The thing with a television network having a hit TV show is that everyone wants to watch it. And while it can be huge for their bottom line, there is also a significant technical challenge when the program is being streamed. That’s what HBO experienced with the cultural phenomenon that has been the hit program […]

History Making Customer Use Cases

It seems today that the once boring IT team is now center stage to some incredible revolutionary moment in time. I’m talking about a moment like when the light bulb was invented – in our case the ever-increasing usage of IoT devices and the inter-connectivity of 5G into everything around us from connected cars to […]

Maintain an Extremely High Uptime Using Monitoring Tools

Proactive DEM (digital experience monitoring) has become a critical piece of the puzzle for digital organizations, especially as application complexity continues to rise and cloud migration is no longer just a strategic idea. Automation is driving digital transformation today and businesses are investing in people, practices, and tools to ensure their critical internal and external […]

Part II: Monitoring for Fun and Profit II (RUM/RUA vs. Synthetic)

For the second piece in this series on monitoring for fun and profit we will focus on RUM/RUA. As was done previously will generically define RUM/RUA and cover a typical RUM set of metrics as a basis for a RUM starting point. I prefer the Real User Analytics (RUA) and will use it interchangeably with […]

5 Steps to Avoid the Damage of a Website Crash

Sven Hammar, founder and chief strategy officer, Apica The website crash experienced by Virgin Money Giving proved to be a very expensive mistake by the brand. Even temporarily ignoring the financial aspect, in the short-term it prevented friends, colleagues, and relatives from personally supporting those who were running. In the long term, it could potentially […]

Why is website availability monitoring important?

To understand website availability monitoring, it’s important to understand synthetic monitoring. Synthetic Monitoring is a process initiated proactively by external agents (typically lightweight agents) that are meant to imitate actual end users and web traffic. These agents use scripts — that follow similar scenarios to those taken by actual end users — to automate transactions against web applications. […]

Shaping up for 2018 – five predictions for the software testing industry

With 2017 nearly over, organizations are hotly anticipating what the new year will bring in terms of trends, developments and hidden surprises in the software testing industry. For the software testing industry, it’s been a busy year. Increased automation adoption within testing teams – where agile development boosted speed of release – has led to […]

The Worldwide Google Meltdown: Application Uptime Matters!

Google is one of the few companies that seem to run the world, so it’s no surprise the outage touched what feels like everyone. This week the internet giant has been facing application uptime issues with multiple services including Gmail, Drive, Maps and YouTube. On Tuesday, potentially millions of users were affected for several hours across parts […]

Monitoring tools: A software rot watchdog

In addition to measuring performance metrics, website and application monitoring tools can help your company’s developers write better code by identifying changes that hurt efficiency. Monitoring tools can point development teams towards problems relating to active software rot, which describes how continual updates to software can deplete software performance and integrity. Your business can compare monitoring data before and […]