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Using Grafana to Visualize Apica Monitoring Metrics

Using Grafana to Visualize Apica Monitoring Metrics By Sven Hammar, CPO at Apica Systems We have always provided Apica users with the best graphical reports to help visualize what is happening across any application or environment. A few of these graphical reports can be provided through the Portal, and these metrics can be brought into […]

Part II: Monitoring for Fun and Profit II (RUM/RUA vs. Synthetic)

For the second piece in this series on monitoring for fun and profit we will focus on RUM/RUA. As was done previously will generically define RUM/RUA and cover a typical RUM set of metrics as a basis for a RUM starting point. I prefer the Real User Analytics (RUA) and will use it interchangeably with […]

Apica Taking the Lead in Performance Testing!

Testing is an indispensable part of all software development, and as is normal for all technological progress, testing has become more robust, more fragmented, and more complex over time. This progress can be double-edged at times. On one hand, the increased usage of networked applications in all spheres of life leads to an increasing criticality […]

ITRS Group Partners with Apica to Offer Best Practices

ITRS Group (“ITRS”), the leading provider of real-time monitoring and IT operations analytics to financial services firms, has announced a partnership with Apica, industry leaders in performance monitoring for enterprise business. Following ITRS’ recent acquisition of Sumerian, a leader in capacity planning, this partnership with Apica will mean ITRS can now offer performance modelling from […]

Grafana Partnership Enhances End User Experience

We have built our business on the idea that performance and end-user experience has a direct impact on organizations. As you may know, we accurately measure performance and understand the end-user experience. With our innovative synthetic monitoring, we simulate real user traffic around the world in order to detect availability and performance issues before they […]

4 key requirements for an enterprise IoT strategy

By 2020, there will be billions of devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). From the Google Homes and Fitbits in our personal lives to smart cities connecting everything from traffic lights, public transport, and water supply systems, IoT devices are producing masses of data to improve virtually every aspect of the day-to-day. As […]

Shaping up for 2018 – five predictions for the software testing industry

With 2017 nearly over, organizations are hotly anticipating what the new year will bring in terms of trends, developments and hidden surprises in the software testing industry. For the software testing industry, it’s been a busy year. Increased automation adoption within testing teams – where agile development boosted speed of release – has led to […]

LoadRunner or JMeter: A False Premise

When I speak to QA Managers in my daily routine, I often hear a common scenario, they own LoadRunner as their performance load testing solution, but they have been told by “C” level executives within their organization to replace it with a “free” open source solution like JMeter. This is almost always due to the […]

8 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Performance Tool

Selecting the ideal testing tool is an important step in the performance testing process that begins long before your business starts collecting data. There are many factors to consider in matching a testing tool to your web platforms–so many, in fact, that it can feel like navigating in the dark. Here are 8 of the […]