Apica, Creator of Apica Insights: a complete observability platform for monitoring, log aggregation, and analytics with infinite storage scale, has released General Availability of Apica Insights 1.2.

Apica’s 1.2 release brings self-service observability on the Kubernetes platform along with many unique features built for Kubernetes environments and workloads

Apica is making Kubernetes observability zero-configuration, zero-click. We empower developers and administrators to help keep their infrastructure and applications always running. With the Apica stack, in 5 minutes you are up and running,” 

Tito George, Apica’s Co-founder


Highlights in this release:

  • 5-minute deployment: Apica Insights can be deployed on any Kubernetes using a HELM chart in 5 minutes, enabling true self-service observability.
  • Prometheus connector: Connect your Prometheus instances and gather metrics along with logs, for complete observability.
  • Real-time log tailing: In Kubernetes environments, log-tailing can filter logs by namespace, application, Kubernetes labels, or pod name making it easy to build, deploy, debug, and manage distributed applications.
  • Log time machine: Users can go back in time and view logs. This helps root-causing issues while comparing old vs new logs.
  • Namespace and application log isolation: With the adoption of service mesh and microservices-based applications running within a namespace boundary, the observability boundaries are also redefined. Apica allows zero-configuration isolation of logs from Kubernetes namespaces for applications.
  • Apicactl: Apica’s command-line toolkit offers capabilities such as application discovery, search, query, and log tailing. Alongside the UI, Apicactl is one more window of user’s choice to gather insights into their data.

We’ve chosen Apica as our native cloud observability, SIEM/SOAR solution because of its ability to visualize the “needle in a haystack” data. In our case, we found a number of misconfigurations and anomalistic patterns in services in minutes, which could have lingered for months or years. Combined with CHAaSM AI and Falco, Apica gives our hardened cloud platform real-time security visibility and monitoring no other solution can

Simon Mijolovic
Founder and CTO of CHAaSM

Apica Insights 1.2 is generally available today.

  1. Details of deploying on the Kubernetes platform can be found in our K8S Quickstart guide.
  2. HELM charts are available on GithubHELM Hub and Artifact Hub
  3. Details of deploying on AWS can be found in our AWS Quickstart guide