Change is never easy, but a necessity as legacy software can’t keep up with the current needs or demand. Case in point is what we are seeing with solutions like HP/Micro Focus SiteScope, though a great product for years, it has had issues along with very limited new development as the solution exchanged hands from HP to Micro Focus. In today’s fast-paced, always-on, and available environments, having the right performance monitoring solution for mission-critical applications requires more. That’s why at Apica, we are constantly improving our platform to keep up with this growing demand for all our customers.

Migration Solutions with Sitescope

We have helped many customers migrate from solutions like SiteScope to ensure their new and more application-focused monitoring needs are met. There is a consistent level of frustration among legacy performance monitoring solutions, including SiteScope customers. Some of their shared concerns include:

  • Lack of software updates, especially as today’s application complexity increases
  • Minimal tech support
  • No clear migration path for previously created scripts when they switch solution
  • Not keeping up with modern security and authentication standards
  • Outdated monitoring technology & lack of true API support

All of these concerns are valid and real from the conversations we are having day in and day out in the market. Change isn’t easy, but our aim is to help put our customer’s minds at ease and make the migration as easy and seamless as possible. Our professional services experts help walk you through the entire migration process to fill in the gaps that solutions like SiteScope are missing. We can seamlessly help with thousands of monitor conversions, script translations, dashboard setup, integrations and test configurations.  Additionally, there is the benefit of improvement with modernization as the Apica platform delivers intelligent alerting, nodes for automating operations, and open integration paths for other vendors or homebrewed tools. Apica’s API-forward environment supports an unconstrained spectrum of web and non-web applications whether they are internal or external.

Not only is the migration smooth, but once in place, you will be able to closely monitor all your business’s most critical applications. With Apica you get:

  • Support for All Application Types – Monitor and alert on any enterprise business-critical applications including web, API, thick client, terminal and host type applications like Citrix, SAP, Microsoft, etc.
  • Integrations – Apica integrates with leading technology platforms for the best visibility into performance insights using vendors like AppDynamics, Instana, ServiceNow, PagerDuty and more.
  • Scalable Management – Excellent user and test management (groups and permissions) – the portal is capable of managing thousands of applications under one account.
  • Multiple Deployment Options – Flexible delivery – we offer classic SaaS, hybrid and on-prem with dedicated private silo deployments so you can monitor inside and outside applications.
  • High-Security Apps – Handle security to gain real uptime visibility including Single Sign-On authentication, Kerberos and PKCS12 certificates
  • Global Network – Access to global performance testing and monitoring network with external locations (180+) grouped by city, including mainland China.

Complexity, scalability and flexibility continue to be a challenge for DevOps teams who have been leveraging outdated monitoring solutions. With Apica’s platform, you’ll have the most robust monitoring capabilities that scale up or down depending on your application demands. It’s no wonder with all these capabilities Gartner has said that, “Apica is the only company that can truly replace SiteScope”.

Learn more and discover what switching to Apica can do for you by watching this webinar.