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Self Service Atlassian Bamboo Plugin

Loadtest Bamboo deploy package on Atlassian Marketplace This package has been tested with Bamboo version 6.8. Overview The LTP Atlassian Bamboo plugin makes it possible to run automatic load tests as part of a build process. It starts and monitors a load test from start to finish and presents some statistics at the end. The […]

Desktop Application Monitoring – Are you Doing it Right?

Legacy applications tend to be the driver for businesses to achieve revenue goals. Despite having the standard legacy challenges like not working as they should or with the new network ecosystems they continue to drive a lot of decisions in the enterprise network. The challenge is that not all applications are built the same and […]

4 key requirements for an enterprise IoT strategy

By 2020, there will be billions of devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). From the Google Homes and Fitbits in our personal lives to smart cities connecting everything from traffic lights, public transport, and water supply systems, IoT devices are producing masses of data to improve virtually every aspect of the day-to-day. As […]

Emerging IoT Technologies: More Devices to Monitor

Internet of Things devices serve as one of the most exciting opportunities for businesses to grow but come with the caveat of far greater reliance on monitoring and load testing technologies. It’s very much a paradigm shift in how many devices-per-person Internet infrastructures needs to look at handling; it’s no longer one computer and smartphone each, but rather dozens […]

Testing Cycles – IoT Applications Need Testing, Too

The Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer “the wave of the future”, but is instead ‘the wave of the present’. We are already living in a world where our appliances talk to each other, our vehicles reach into the internet to find traffic and other useful information, and our cities are gearing up to […]