A Year of Ongoing Excellence for Apica

by | July 18, 2022

When Apica appointed me as its CEO earlier this year, I was excited about the potential — the potential of our technology to help our customers, and also the potential of our company in the market. Since our founding in 2005, Apica has made steady progress as our tech has matured, our offerings have broadened, and our team has grown. Now, more than ever, we’ve been making headlines in the application performance space as we expand our horizons and challenge ideas about what application monitoring really means. 

2022 has already see a significant uptick in our media coverage as more and more people discover the unique capabilities of our products. Here’s what we’ve achieved this year so far, only halfway through.

Intellyx Digital Innovator award

In June we announced that Apica won the 2022 Digital Innovator Award. This came from Intellyx, which is a top analyst firm that specializes in the digital transformation of the enterprise. It’s no surprise to see Apica represented in this group of leading innovators, since the whole reason we’re here is to solve complex digital performance issues for the modern business.

Gartner DEM Market Guide

The Apica active monitoring platform has been included in the latest Digital Experience Monitoring Guide from Gartner. The industry is shifting from basic performance metrics to focusing on the business outcomes and the user experience. Our unique user-centric approach stands out among a host of companies that can’t keep up with the rapidly evolving application environment in today’s businesses. We expect to be a fixture in this guide for years to come.

GigaOm Radar Report

Apica also features in GigaOm’s latest Radar Report for Performance Testing. Inclusion in this report demonstrates Apica’s ability to scale testing functionalities in the complex modern application ecosystem that prominently features third-party services including APIs. It recognizes important performance metrics and engagement with the application performance monitoring sector. It shows that we’re making waves.

This recognition is great, and it’s been an incredible year already. But it’s only the beginning. Apica isn’t going to rest on our laurels and stop innovating. Every day we’re working to increase our capabilities and make it even easier for our customers to deliver the performance that will free users from performance challenges and improve productivity and profitability. Our active monitoring platform combines scalable load testing with synthetic monitoring to help with every stage of application deployment and monitoring, for end-to-end visibility that focuses on the user.

And it’s not just our products that Apica is improving. We’re also strengthening our channel relationships with the new Apica Partner Network, providing resellers and integrators with the tools and incentives that set them up for success. We recently presented at Tech Field Day 25, and we’re featuring regularly in technology columns around the web.

I know I speak for the rest of our leadership team when I say that Apica has come a long way, but we’re not there yet. I know there are even more exciting announcements on the horizon, and we can’t wait to share our continuing successes with you.

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