Integrated User Interface

Manage, observe, and analyze your log data through a single, intuitive UI.

The Apica UI lets you query and analyze log data, visualize metrics and events, view and configure events and alerts, and create custom dashboards, all from one single interface.

Faceted search

Query and filter through log data using multiple filters generated by Apica’s query language and using query languages native to the system you’re monitoring.

Hybrid client, server search implementation

Apica’s hybrid and flexible search implementation allow you to run queries in languages native to your system, right within the UI. The Apica UI enables you to add custom parameters to your queries that your native query language usually wouldn’t allow you to.

Exhaustive reporting

Create visual reports of events in log data as they’re being ingested. Query and generate reports of historical log data. Combine visuals and data tables on a single, contextual dashboard.

Flexible options for visualizations

Visualize your data the way you wish to. Pick from dynamic charts, gauges, tables, and even word clouds to represent significant events in your log stream.

Share and embed

Share your dashboards on a URL or embed query visualization widgets anywhere you want

Powerful eventing

Bubble up critical insights with eventing. No need to search, just know what is relevant

Custom rules

Capture behavior using custom rules that can automatically trigger events relevant to your environment.

More insights. More affordable.
Less hassle.

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