Distributed Tracing

Troubleshoot and analyze performance issues with apica.io’s OpenTelemetry and Jaeger compatible Distributed Tracing implementation. More insights. More affordable. Less hassle.

Companies of all sizes around the world use Apica

Weeks to minutes

Reduction in security analysis reporting time

2-5x faster

Faster, easy and holistical data visualization

Capabilities used

The client is an online video & AI-enabled SaaS platform that helps sales guys sell better over video calls.

Compatible with OpenTelemetry and Jaeger

apica.io’s distributed tracing implementation has built-in support for OpenTelemetry and Jaeger protocols. Use either a Jaeger agent or an OpenTelemetry collector to stream logs, metrics, and traces at scale. Our SpanStore is built on InstaStore, apica.io’s indexed object storage built for observability.

Pinpoint failures across your distributed applications

Traces can help see flow of data in your distributed application. Speed up root-cause by viewing timings, errors, logs and flows in one single screen.

Switch from Traces to Logs

apica.io integrates Logs and Traces into a seamless experience. Switch over from Traces and go to Logs to view all logs for a given trace identifier. Even download them as CSV and JSON. Troubleshooting and integrating with your workflows could not get easier than this.

..... And Back, And More!

Our deep integration between Logs, Metrices and Traces means you and navigate to a trace from a log you search. Not only that, go from Metric to a Log to a Trace.

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