We’re in the middle of what is now widely acknowledged as the fourth industrial revolution. The digitization of industrial and manufacturing processes has transformed the way industries produce and operate on a daily basis. Arguably, the biggest cog in the machine that’s fueling this revolution is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). IIoT unifies industrial assets, network communications, advanced analytics, and industrial workers. It creates new opportunities for automation, smart and intelligent manufacturing, asset maintenance and performance, and centralized control while enabling better customer service and faster time to market.

Like any other IT environment, IIoT systems and environments generate a huge amount of machine data containing highly valuable information and critical insights that require some unearthing. Once unearthed, tackled, and utilized the right way, data from smart sensors, meters, control systems can offer significant competitive advantages and several benefits to the organization.

However, with these opportunities also come vital challenges to overcome, including ensuring security and operational efficiency. If left undealt with, the mere sprawl of IIoT devices across locations and units can put the organization at severe risk.

apica.io provides comprehensive visibility to the organization’s IIoT landscape, ensuring operational efficiency and allowing organizations to analyze data in real-time to ensure high levels of data-driven decision-making and drive powerful and transformative business outcomes.

apica.io and Industrial IoT

End-to-end Real-time visibility and insights for IIoT

  • Real-time insights from devices, sensors, and operational systems
  • Health and operational status of all system components
  • Security posture across the system and at device-level

With real-time visibility and insights provided by apica.io, organizations can amplify and transform the output of machines and processes.. With all critical data about applications and infrastructure available in a single pane of glass, teams can now view, respond and make decisions rapidly.

Organizations can now streamline quality-control processes based on detailed data available at every stage of an industrial process and get real-time compliance reports to adhere to regulations and standards.

Operations teams can confidently handle data at any scale with apica.io’s unique infinite scale architecture and eliminate any blind spots. 

Since apica.io’s platform captures surface-level details and reads and understands machine-level data of the IIoT infrastructure, executives and decision-makers can see beyond what’s visible.

Operational and Security Intelligence for your industrial assets

  • Get reports on key components at every stage – from start to finish
  • Correlate across time and cost of processes with output velocity
  • Uncover hard-to-find issues with AI/ML-powered anomaly detection
  • Seamless and integrated view of IT and OT with real-time threat updates

With apica.io, organizations can now be incident-ready with the ability to detect anomalies using intelligent baselining capabilities and trigger automated incident responses. The unified IIoT infrastructure view across different factory units, machines, and data sources allows teams to correlate business views and KPIs with operational views for better insights and decision making. In the event of unexpected incidents, operations teams can now get unmatched correlations across machines and any data source to find the “needles in the haystack” rapidly. 

Operational intelligence provides opportunities to get ahead of the competition with data-driven decision-making. Real-time visualizations and reports allow management teams to unlock opportunities for cost savings and process improvements. 

Correlate everything with apica.io – if there is data, regardless of source, you can correlate it and make decisions on it.

Increase uptime, reduce failure and eliminate vulnerabilities

  • Get proactive alerts on potential issues and anomalies and reduce failure
  • Detect warning signs of security vulnerabilities of operational health early to prevent expensive failures
  • Trigger quick incident responses to maintain high levels of productivity

Using Apica. AI, security teams for IIoT can now defend against and stay ahead of cyber threats and attacks that directly aim to disrupt and cripple your industrial infrastructure and equipment. They also get integrated visibility of the state of security, health, and governance. 

Industrial agility comes from data agility. Timely access to valuable data like incidents, anomalies, AI/ML-led pattern analysis, and insights helps organizations maintain high productivity levels of systems and resources. With quick visibility into the root cause of issues and anomalies, industrial organizations can steadily increase the mean time between failures.

With a rich set of integrations, highly configurable alerts, and flexible rulesets, teams can leverage automation at every opportunity to eliminate delays and increase productivity.

The Benefits of apica.io for IIoT Observability

The sheer sprawl of the different devices in a typical IIoT environment itself is reason enough to think about how best to control the volume, quality, and complexity of machine data flowing from the different endpoints and edge devices into your systems for further processing and analysis. With apica.io managing your data pipelines, you get the best in observability data pipeline control, while:

  • Amplifying the output of machines and processes with real-time insights
  • Propelling innovation with real-time data
  • Unlocking opportunities for cost savings and process improvements
  • Improving time to market
  • Getting ahead of the competition with data-driven decision making

If you’d like to know more about how apica.io can further accelerate business transformation in the realm of IIoT, do visit our website, reach out, or sign up for a free trial.