[Stockholm, Sweden, June 28, 2011.] Industrifonden is investing SEK 10 million in Apica, which tests, analyzes, monitors and improves web performance. A current investor, KTH Chalmers Capital, is also participating in the SEK 15 million share issue. The money will be used to launch Apica’s services in the U.S.

With Apica’s “Web Performance Management” system, customers with large, complex, business-critical web sites can test, monitor and improve their web performance.  Customers include companies with large, web-based systems, such as SJ (Swedish Railways), the newspaper Expressen, the Swedish Agency for Higher Education Services (VHS) and the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration.

What also makes the system unique is that it is offered as “Software as a Service” – on demand in the Cloud – and can be used directly through a browser. It is simple to use and considerably cheaper than conventional services in the segment, which require extensive consulting help.

“Apica is the only company in the world to offer a comprehensive Web Performance Management system,” says Johan Englund, Investment Manager at Industrifonden. “With a strongly growing market and an entrepreneurial management, we are very optimistic about Apica’s prospects of success.”

Founded in 2005, Apica has its head office in Stockholm and sales offices in the UK and the U.S. The company is now preparing its U.S. launch.

“We are very pleased to have added Industrifonden as an investor,” says Apica CEO Sven Hammar. “With Industrifonden, KTH Chalmers Capital and ALMI Invest, we now have three financially strong, knowledgeable investors that can help us to shift our expansion into higher gear.”

“Since our first investment in spring 2007, Apica has undergone fantastic growth from a small local player to the point where it is now seriously positioning itself in the U.S. With this investment, the company will have the opportunity to take another big step forward,” says Jonas Rahmn, a partner at KTH Chalmers Capital.

For more information, please contact:

Sven Hammar, CEO of Apica, Tel. +46 73 505 9068, email [email protected]

Johan Englund, Investment Manager at Industrifonden, Tel. +46 708 16 61 16

For more information about Apica, please see www.apicasystem.com.

For more information about KTH Chalmers Capital, please see http://www.kthchalmerscapital.se/eng/index_eng.html.

For more information about ALMI Invest, please see http://www.almiinvest.se/en/

About Apica:

Apica is a Swedish company that supplies Internet based services for advanced load tests and performance analyses of business critical web applications. Apica provides a complete range of solutions that help customers to swiftly and effectively increase their web applications’ quality, availability and performance.

The company has an office and load center in Stockholm, Sweden, sales offices in the UK and the USA, and approximately 60 measuring agents in the Nordic countries, Europe and the USA. The load capacity is more than 4 GB synthetic Internet traffic from sex load centers in the USA, the UK and Sweden.

Apica was founded in 2005. Sven Hammar is the company’s CEO. Apica’s technology partners are e.g. EPiServer, Citrix and Dynatrace. Integration partners are e.g. Kerfi, Tieto, Basefarm, Qbranch and Logica.

About Industrifonden

Industrifonden (www.industrifonden.se) invests in small and medium sized Swedish companies with international growth potential. The Fund has assets of about SEK 3 billion, of which SEK 1.5 billion is invested in around 80 companies in technology, cleantech, life science and industry.