In Apica Synthetic Monitoring we can show you how your site has been performing at any given time. We can show you a plethora of metrics including Response time and DOM complete. With this data you know if your site is performing to your standards or if it is failing. A failing site means that the user experience is either non existent or very degraded.

With our new Google Analytics Real Time integration you can see if users stayed on your site during the low-performance period, or if they left, possibly for a competitor. Correlate the Active Users metrics with Response Time to exactly how the poor performance affected the users. The number of Page Views are also important to take a look at in order to see how the users interacted with your site during low-performance periods.

Setting up the Integration is as easy as clicking “New Integration +” and choosing Google Analytics Real-Time and then providing your View ID which you can find on the Google Analytics Administration page.

Page Speed

We are also introducing our Google PageSpeed Integration. With Google PageSpeed you will get your PageSpeed Score (Either Desktop, Mobile or Mobile Usability) on a regular basis (every 12hr or 24hr), which will allow you to see the trends of your PageSpeed score. This is a very useful metric to keep track of – it’s important to see if your Pagespeed score goes up or down after a deploy, which in turn tells you a lot about your sites usability for visitors.