Apica has conducted a loadtest to verify the performance of the leading, Thomas Cook owned, Ving travel company.

Apica is a Swedish based IT-company providing internet based applications and solutions conducting advanced performance- and loadtesting of web applications.

It is Apica’s application Apica Loadtest which has been used in the process of testing and quality assurance of Vings web site. Apica LoadTest is an application which performs loadtests of both public and internal (intranet) web sites. Apica LoadTest creates a reality based load by using so called “synthetic users” from a range of different test centers, which generates actual and real traffic patterns as they are created by the end users of the site.

– We are pro-actively and on an ongoing basis seeking to improve and extend the performance of our web site. Apica’s applications and solutions give us an accurate test of true peak performance in a fast and uncomplicated fashion, says Björn Eriksson, QA Manager with Thomas Cook Sweden.

Ving Sverige AB is Sweden’s largest tour operator selling packages to over 500 destinations in over 50 countries. Ving also sell single flight tickets and hotel nights for travelers travelling on their own. Tours and tickets are sold over the internet, in Vings own stores and with selected travel agents throughout the country. Ving and its subsidiary has over 600 000 customers a year and is a part of the international travel company Thomas Cook Group plc. With more and more of its sales coming over the internet, its web based business systems has to be reliable and stable.

Loadtests are an important part of the optimisation of a web site and its application’s performance. Loadtests will check that the application delivers stable, low and consistent response times through the whole spectrum of load on the site. A loadtest often is – and should always be – the final step before a new or updated application is launched. By utilizing Apica’s external loadtesting facilities, the risk of unexpected disturbance is minimized.

In addtion to the Apica Loadtest application, Apica offers Apica Availability (a complete application for all aspects of availability testing), Apica ServerMonitor (which measures and analyses an IT-infrastructure’s performance) and Apica Acceleration (which is a Varnish based application for outstanding web performance enhancement).