New secure platform delivers an ideal user experience and peace of mind for businesses.

Apica Systems, the leader in service-level assurance, announced its unified platform that combines active monitoring and load testing to ensure the health and performance of all applications. Monitoring teams can now ensure all business-critical applications and transactions are secure and available, including cloud, container, and on-premises legacy solutions. The result is an early warning and detection system that closes the visibility gaps in end-user monitoring while eliminating revenue loss and increasing customer and employee satisfaction.

“We have a unique place in the market as we help customers integrate both load testing and active monitoring into the end-user journeys and their mission-critical applications,” said Peter Tollgard, CEO of Apica. “Our highly extensible platform enhances the customer experience by finding problems before their users do.”

The Apica Service-level Assurance Platform

Apica’s platform delivers service-level assurance, guaranteeing successful business outcomes on all fronts–from the employee perspective to the customer outcome–across your SLIs, SLOs, and SLAs. The platform provides monitoring with checks on tasks regardless of location, device, app, authentication, or scale. Apica’s platform will enhance your existing monitoring investments to mirror your employees’ and customers’ user experience.

Additionally, the platform includes robust integration with existing APM, AIOps, monitoring systems, and highly secure MFA solutions. And because of the Apica Data Repository can be used where the script execution requires dynamic data, like feeding script with credentials, feeding script with security tokens, sharing data across different microservices scripts in the same application, and so on. Resulting in customers saving time and money.

“What you get from synthetic monitoring is a new perspective on the user experience. With Apica’s platform, you simulate real-world interactions, producing results close to how your users experience your application, which is powerful insight. In a scenario of high memory usage of an application server, the business stakeholders concern is to ensure that your core flows are still running,” said Stephen Rodgers, Manager Systems Engineering at Delta Dental. “Apica allows you to prioritize by business impact, while receiving detailed performance information with the ability to setup an alert-based monitoring approach while tracking SLAs and SLOs. We have had a great partnership with Apica supporting our needs, while we have also been able to affect development of the product.”

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Apica delivers service-level assurance that enables a successful business outcome on all fronts–from the employee perspective to the customer outcome. The Apica platform provides checks on tasks regardless of location, device, app, authentication, or scale. With early detection and early fixes, Apica ensures you achieve your business goals with the help of our global Professional Services teams who support your onboarding, adoption, and maintenance of our technology platform. To learn more about Apica, visit

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