We are thrilled to announce that Apica Ascent has been honored with the prestigious Champion badge in the 2024 Application Performance Management – Emotional Footprint Awards, hosted by SoftwareReviews, a division of Info-Tech Research Group (ITRG).  

This accolade is a testament to our commitment to excellence and the positive impact our solutions have on users’ experiences. 

Understanding the Emotional Footprint Awards

The SoftwareReviews Emotional Footprint Awards stand out by evaluating software products through the lens of emotional response from IT and business professionals who use them. This unique methodology assesses emotional footprint scores across 26 dimensions, reflecting the depth of the vendor-client relationship and the product’s effectiveness.  

Why the Emotional Footprint Matters 

The Emotional Footprint Diamond visually represents relationships and rankings, highlighting the champions who deliver exceptional value and foster positive experience. 

Apica Ascent: A Unified Perspective on Technology Performance

Apica Ascent provides a comprehensive view of your technology stack, integrating logs, metrics, traces, and APIs into a cohesive operational data fabric.  

Our platform is designed to streamline the detection and resolution of performance issues, offering an intuitive user experience through features like drag-and-drop dashboard customization and seamless tool integrations. 

Our Journey to the Top 

Champion apica ascent

Achieving the Champion badge in such a competitive category underscores the Apica Ascent’s platform’s industry-leading status and our unwavering dedication to user satisfaction.  

We extend our gratitude to our users for their trust and feedback, which have been instrumental in shaping our solutions and this remarkable achievement. 

Celebrating Together with Apica Ascent

We are honored to share this recognition with our community and encourage the use of the official Award Badge in your digital spaces to celebrate our collective success.  

Attached, you will find the badge and unique links directing to the Apica Ascent product page, confirming our achievement and inviting users to explore our award-winning platform further. 

This recognition is not just a win for Apica but a shared success with all our users and partners who have been part of our journey.  

Together, we look forward to continuing to set the standard for application performance management and exceeding the expectations of the communities we serve. 

If you wish to learn more about Software Reviews and Apica Ascent’s wins in other categories, use the links below:

Exclusive Product Page Link – https://www.softwarereviews.com/products/apica-ascent  

Champion – https://softwarereviews.com/categories/application-performance-management-midmarket?entitlement=champion_Apica_Ascent_emotional_footprint_awards_2024_application_performance_management_midmarket&utm_campaign=award-emotional-footprint-awards-application-performance-management-midmarket-2024-01-31&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=apica-systems