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What is Apica?

Elevating Business Speed with Advanced Data Fabric

Apica helps your enterprise keep running smoothly. Our Ascent platform offers tools for real-time monitoring, digital experience monitoring, automatic problem-solving, and sophisticated data handling. This means it can quickly identify and fix complex issues in digital operations before they hurt profits.

Apica as a Solution

In the current business scene, enterprises rely on maintaining the performance of their diverse computing environments’ performance—whether they’re in the cloud, on-premises, or entirely on-site. Observability tools and other log management tools are the solution, in that they provide you with an all-encompassing view of your system and ensure users have a good experience.

Apica offers an advanced solution tailored for the current data-centric world by embracing core principles. These include:

  • Scalable Architecture: Automatically expands to meet demand.
  • Modular Infrastructure: Components operate independently for greater flexibility.
  • Unlimited Computing Power: Provides the resources to handle any workload.
  • Unlimited Storage Capacity: Ensures you never run out of space for your data.
  • Cost Efficiency: Minimizes total cost of ownership without compromising performance.
  • Instant Performance: Delivers real-time responsiveness for immediate insights and actions.
Apica as a Solution
"An amazing platform for all of our observability needs"
"Active observability for IoT, awesome integration with Prometheus, fluent-bit"
"Gives complete visibility into our Google Cloud Run deployments"
"Perfect observability data fabric for AWS Serverless and API Gateway logs"
"All-in-one platform for AWS observability data management and more..."
"Solid and flexible alternative to Sumologic, without any vendor lock-in"

Apica platform offers

Observability and

Get a detailed view of your entire digital environment so you can see what’s happening in real-time.

Finding and
Fixing Problems

Identify the cause of complex issues quickly and fix them before they affect your business.


Organize and manage the massive amounts of data businesses deal with, aiming to prevent disruptions.

Challenges and Benefits

Keeping Your Business Running
With so many businesses relying on complex digital environments, like cloud services and on-premises data centers, it’s crucial to keep everything running without interruption. Apica aims to provide a single place where you can see all your technology systems’ information, helping reduce the chances of unexpected downtime or lost revenue, making us one of the best observability tools out there.
The Data Challenge
Businesses today deal with huge amounts of data from different sources, often exceeding 100GB per day. This includes everything from logs and metrics to data from APIs and databases. Managing and making sense of this data has been a challenge for IT teams, DevOps, and developers.
Simplifying Data Analysis

Apica’s goal is to make it easier to access and analyze IT data. By bringing together different types of data, such as logs, metrics, databases, and APIs, Apica allows you to:

  • Combine log data from various sources.
  • Monitor the performance of your systems in real-time.
  • Connect to and integrate data from databases like Elastic, Mongo, Postgres, Druid, and MySQL.

Key Features


You can store logs in any S3 compatible storage, helping to reduce storage costs and scale without limits.

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor everything from servers and VMs to containers and Kubernetes clusters to keep your systems running smoothly.

Data Sources

Connect with over 20 different data sources for a complete picture of your IT infrastructure.

Monitoring Tools

Use Prometheus metrics for a detailed monitoring setup.

Application Performance

Get insights into how over 100 popular applications are performing to improve user experience.


Receive alerts and notifications to stay informed about potential issues as they arise.

Apica is focused on making it easier for businesses to manage digital environments by providing tools to observe, analyze, and react to data and system performance.
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