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Empower Threat Detection.
Streamline Incident Response.
Revolutionize Security Intelligence.

Revolutionize security with comprehensive threat detection, streamlined incident response, and enhanced security intelligence. The powerful open-source-driven solution seamlessly integrates with your infrastructure, providing real-time analysis, monitoring, and alerts to fortify your organization against evolving cyber threats.


Are you struggling to handle
vast data from complex, distributed systems efficiently?

Inadequate threat detection?

Slow incident response times?

Insufficient security intel?

Disjointed security and alerts?

Difficulty adhering to compliance?

Overwhelmed security teams?


We Can Help.
See How.

Enhanced threat
Rapid incident
Rich security
Unified monitoring and alerts
Effective vulnerability
Streamlined security


Every control.
At your fingertips.


Detect threats in real-time

Continuously monitor and analyze to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities, fortifying security posture.

Stay ahead of emerging threats by leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning techniques.

Streamline incident response

Accelerate investigation and remediation processes, minimizing security incident impact on the organization.

Implement automation to expedite response times and reduce manual intervention.


Analyze logs comprehensively

Aggregate and process log data from various sources, delivering actionable insights for informed decisions.

Utilize advanced search capabilities and visualization tools to make sense of complex data.

Enhance security intelligence

Access detailed, customizable reports and dashboards for better understanding of the security landscape.

Stay informed with real-time updates, trends, and alerts to maintain a proactive security stance.

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More Features

Simplify compliance monitoring

Adhere to various compliance standards with ease, reducing risks of penalties and reputational damage.

Assess vulnerabilities effectively

Identify and prioritize system vulnerabilities, targeting resources efficiently to minimize potential threats.

Monitor file integrity

Keep an eye on critical system files for unauthorized modifications, ensuring data integrity and preventing breaches.

Analyze anomalies and behavior

Spot unusual patterns and user activities, enabling rapid response to potential security incidents.

Integrate with existing infrastructure

Connect seamlessly with current systems, enhancing capabilities and providing a unified security solution.

Embrace scalability and flexibility

Adapt to organizational needs, accommodating growth and evolving security requirements for lasting protection.


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Reclaim control of data, cost and complexity.

^Free Plan is available only for self-hosting and is supported under the Basic Support plan. * SaaS prices are for annual contracts. Save 25-40% on annual contracts compared to pay-as-you-go rates. Self-hosted deployments are available only on annual plans.



Secure your enterprise with powerful extended security.

Free Plan^Upto 20 Hosts
  • Host intrusion detection (HIDS).
  • SIEM and SOAR.
  • Multi-petabyte scale.

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