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Starting with Apica is a breeze. All you need to do is create an S3-compatible bucket, configure your access and secret key in our platform, and voila! You are ready to start monitoring your infrastructure in just a matter of minutes. It’s that simple!

The Apica SaaS platform allows you to take complete ownership of your data. With our innovative Bring Your Own Storage to Apica feature, you can utilize our platform’s benefits while storing your data in your own cloud account, such as AWS.

Our platform runs your compute on our SaaS while allowing you to store your data in your own bucket. This provides you with the flexibility of using your own object storage bucket and the added benefit of avoiding vendor lock. You retain complete data ownership, with the assurance that your data is compliant and securely partitioned.

Flexible data partitioning

Apica ingests data from your infrastructure, partitions them by one or more data dimensions including time, and pushes them into your bucket. The data is stored in an open format so that you can connect your favorite tools for further processing.

Strong isolation

With strong isolation, you can separate your logs by environment type, tenant, K8S namespace, etc., to provide strong isolation at a bucket level. Use our flexible rule engine for more fine-grained data separation, and you won’t be limited by retention policies, as you can retain your logs for as long as you want.

No retention limits

Configure your bucket lifecycle policies and increase retention limits for long-term retention, even infinite, with #NoStorageTax from Apica.

1-Click compliance and governance

Compliance and governance are pretty simple and smooth with our 1-Click Compliance and Governance feature. Use your object store vendor lifecycle management policies to archive data to colder tiers for high governance environments. Our platform provides complete transparency and assurance, allowing you to focus on your business goals while we handle the rest.

The Road Ahead

At Apica, we are committed to providing you with complete data ownership and control while ensuring that your data is compliant, secure, and easily accessible. With our Bring Your Own Storage to Apica feature, you can enjoy the flexibility and benefits of your own object storage bucket while leveraging our platform to confidently scale your business.
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