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New Features Released in Apica Synthetic Monitoring

New Feature releases in Apica Synthetic Monitoring Custom Result Unit In Apica Synthetic Monitoring it is now possible to create and use Custom Result Units per check. This is useful for integration checks. For example, in the AppDynamics integration, you can get many different metrics into ASM. If you are getting the metric “Calls per […]

New Feature Release from Apica Systems – ZebraTester 5.5A

Apica Load Test Portal Supports ZebraTester Version 5.5A ZebraTester version 5.5A offers an improved development of performance test scripts and will be released shortly.¬†Below, we’ve got some examples of how this feature will help you. 3 new Types of Variable Extractors The following 3 new types of Variable Extractors have been added and will support […]

[New Feature Release] High and Low Thresholds

ASM Offers Alerts System to Monitor Thresholds Monitoring is most effective when the tool can quickly identify a problem and offer a detailed corrective to that problem. Apica Synthetic Monitoring offers the Alert system. A user can now set-up alerts to notify him/her when a check violates the set thresholds. Historically, Apica provided users with […]

New Feature Release from Apica Systems – LoadTest Portal 5.5

Better Visual Test Results When analyzing performance test results it’s important to visualize critical metrics to find potential performance issues. With a simple formula, the throughput of any transaction can be calculated based on a few variables. Transaction Throughput = Number of Users / (Response Time + Think-Time) The Apica Load Test Portal and the […]

Google Analytics RealTime Integration

In Apica Synthetic Monitoring we can show you how your site has been performing at any given time. We can show you a plethora of metrics including Response time and DOM complete. With this data you know if your site is performing to your standards or if it is failing. A failing site means that […]

Apica Provides Enhanced Transitions Chart

With our customers in mind, we are excited to add a custom events chart to the events page of Apica’s WebPerformance Monitor solution, which provides you with the complete picture of your account’s health. As your checks’ performance changes, its severity will change. A check can change severity several times during the day. In the […]

Announcing Apica Web Performance New UI Design

Today we announced new enhancements to the Apica Web Performance (WPM) user interface. The new design is not only better looking, but also improves the overall experience for users with the interface. Based on customer feedback and with our users in mind, we created a better UI that is more concise, responsive, efficient and is […]