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Testing Hybrid Systems and APIs

Not so long ago, having a website to support your business was cutting-edge and gave you a significant advantage over your competition. Now eCommerce is the order of the day for a large percentage of enterprises and those who are not online may not be able to survive.  This situation makes it critical that enterprises […]

[Infographic] Is your Website Ready for Black Friday?

The holiday season is the largest source of revenue for just about every company with an online presence. We’ve developed an easy-to-see overview of consumer online spending and the consequences of not being prepared to handle the load. If you want to learn how your website can scale to meet the millions of online consumers […]

The Ultimate Guide to Test Methodologies

You need to test and monitor your website. Not doing so puts your online presence at risk during business critical events such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday and will leave you in the dark on how it performs. Testing your site for its survivability gives you an opportunity to shore up weak or unprotected […]

How CDN Companies Measure Latency and Acceleration

  Adding server power only improves site server performance to a point: Once server power is maxed out, the physical distance between a site’s host server and the visitor becomes a key component in how long a page takes to load. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are a widely used solution to improve load times and […]

The Benefits of Distributed Load Test Centers

The benefits of distributed load test centers can be seen as an invaluable tool for e-businesses that serve local, regional, national, and global audiences. The testing network helps ensure application and website users have a smooth browsing and purchasing experience. It’s a well-established principle that load times have a direct correlation with conversion rates: faster […]

How Gaming Companies Can Ensure a Successful Launch

  Gaming companies can ensure a successful launch by having the necessary infrastructure to handle client demands. Gamers are often eager to get their hands on the product as soon as possible–so a business that can’t provide the product because their online infrastructure is too weak to handle the demand will spoil their community’s goodwill. […]

Configuring & Adjusting Google Protocol Buffer Load Tests

Web and cloud applications need more than just good programming to run: The server infrastructure needs to have enough resources to handle the requests of every concurrent user. Inadequate infrastructure can lead to sluggish performance–or even total failure, if too many users push data at the same time. Load testing is a process that involves […]

Optimize Cloud Server Scaling Using Load Testing

Development teams need to be aware of how well their web application server platforms are able to keep up with the demands of a constantly increasing number of users accessing services. The load testing experts at Apica recently took on a project addressing the issue of “how much power” a business’s cloud implementation needs to […]

Load Testing with Google Protocol Buffer

The ZebraTester program is filled with useful load test management tools for Google Protocol Buffer, or protobuf, messages. The mechanism not only helps streamline the load testing process, but also provides insight into the results that can be used to help improve the platform, troubleshoot errors, and identify inefficiencies. About Protocol Buffers Protobuf is a […]