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Learning from the British Airways Outage

British Airways is still reeling from its catastrophic IT outage over the holiday weekend, and as we approach the 7-day mark since thousands of travelers around the world were left in limbo by the airline, questions have yet to be answered on exactly what went wrong. A power surge has been blamed for crashing BA’s global […]

Lululemon Website Outage: How to Avoid It for Your Business

On Monday, May 25th Lululemon – a Vancouver-born, billion-dollar retail company – had a website outage that lasted just less than 24 hours. The company sees 17% of its revenue from online sales, and “just three days of an outage would likely have cost the company nearly $425,000 in lost sales.” This isn’t the first-time […]

How E-Commerce Sites Were Affected by the Amazon S3 Outage

Update March 8th, 2017 We’ve been contacted by representatives from who stated that their S3 instance was effected by the outage but did not impact our website or our ability to transact commerce because of our failover and disaster recovery plans. After further investigation, their checks were failing because of third-party services on their […]

Cyber Monday Web Performance Index Top 100

The end of shopping for 2016 is coming to a close and boy has this year been a big one. According to “U.S. online sales gained momentum on Cyber Monday and are set to surpass initial expectations by hitting a record $3.39 billion as consumers snapped up deals on the busiest day of the […]

Why It’s Crucial to Monitor and Test for Mobile First

Mobile First If your business isn’t primarily focusing on its mobile platforms for monitoring and load testing, you could be missing out on incredible business opportunities. Did you know that Black Friday 2016 marked the first time mobile device users spent more than 1 billion dollars on this “shopping holiday”? These kind of numbers are […]

Testing Hybrid Systems and APIs

Not so long ago, having a website to support your business was cutting-edge and gave you a significant advantage over your competition. Now eCommerce is the order of the day for a large percentage of enterprises and those who are not online may not be able to survive.  This situation makes it critical that enterprises […]

Prevent Shoppers from Abandoning Their Cart at Checkout

On average, customers abandon items in their online shopping carts 68.63 percent of the time. The pessimist sees this as a failure to convert customers, but the optimist sees this as an opportunity to make more sales. Fortunately, there’s plenty your business can do to help customers reach the virtual checkout aisle before and after […]

Is your Website Black Friday Ready?

When running an ecommerce website, downtime is the equivalent of locking your doors to the public. Not only are you not doing business, you’re actively pushing your customers into the arms of the competition. There are several failure points you have to research carefully to avoid, including having a good hosting provider and using a […]

4 Ways Online Retailers Can Shine This Holiday Season

Online retailers depend heavily on the holiday season for a healthy bottom line. It’s the busiest time of the year in many retail industries, and there’s a substantial uptick in customers looking to spend money. The objective is to seize that spike in potential customers while it’s there. The National Retail Federation notes that online shoppers […]