AWS/Azure Marketplace

Apica has joined the AWS and Azure cloud marketplaces to help our customers and prospects simplify procurement, provisioning, and governance of Apica software and services. With the mainstream adoption of Cloud Marketplace buying and selling, this new channel will enable easier access to Apica products and services.

Key Benefits Include:

Speed and Agility of Product Selection

Apica customers can quickly find, test, buy, and deploy the Apica platform from a common location.

Flexible Apica Pricing and Terms

Apica customers can access pricing options that give you them flexibility to test Apica software, negotiate custom terms, and save money with long-term commitments.

Greater Control and Governance

Marketplaces enable centralized governance for the entire procurement, compliance, and support process.
Purchasing Apica solutions through the Marketplaces will enable our customers to utilize their existing Cloud “spend” and to satisfy their custom requirements through the “private offer” model. Customers will be able to procure with less process burden, and renewals and expansions will be more efficient.