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Core to Apica’s beliefs and way of conducting business is the principle of not locking customers in. We aim to be a company that gives our customers the freedom of choice at every level of engagement with us and the usage of our software.

Apica’s commitment to not locking customers in includes:

No Long-Term Contracts

  • No mandatory long-term contracts or commitments
  • Customers can choose to opt-in for contracts to gain better pricing efficiency
  • Customers have the flexibility to discontinue using the software if it doesn’t meet their needs, providing the option to switch to a different solution if necessary

100% Data Ownership

  • Customers have 100% ownership of their data
  • Customers can choose to store their data in their own bucket instead of using Apica’s SaaS storage
  • Apica offers customers the option of running the entire Apica stack in their own cloud account or data center, ensuring they always own their data

Open Data Format and Cross-platform Compatibility

  • Data is stored in Apache Parquet, an open-source data format, ensuring cross-platform compatibility and data openness
  • Apache Parquet is designed to work with a wide range of big data processing frameworks, allowing users to continue to access their data even without a Apica license
  • Apache Parquet supports various compression algorithms, which significantly reduce the storage space required for large datasets, making it easier to store and share them, even in cases where storage resources are limited

Data Access and Integration

  • Customers have easy access to their data through APIs and other integration options
  • Customers can customize their use of the software to their specific needs
  • Integration with other tools and systems they may be using is easy

Usage-Based Pricing Model

  • uses a usage-based pricing model that allows customers to pay only for what they actually use
  • Pricing transparency and predictability are provided, eliminating the risk of unexpected costs
  • The usage-based pricing model enables businesses to scale their use of the software up or down as needed


Apica’s approach to not locking customers in is designed to create a flexible and adaptable technology that meets the evolving needs of businesses. By providing easy access to data, data ownership, a usage-based pricing model, and the ability to customize and integrate with other tools, gives customers the freedom to use their software in a way that works best for them.
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