Apica and AppDynamics APM Integration

Apica Synthetic and AppDynamics Integration

Meaningful Data, Immeasurable Insight

Reduce mean time to resolution

Pinpoint problems instantly, find the root-cause in a matter of seconds and troubleshoot issues faster than ever before.

Understand the user journey

Gain newfound insight into the end-user experience. Correlate browser, mobile and API synthetic checks with your AppDynamics transactions, right in your Apica dashboard.

Keep your data secure

Have tight security requirements? We offer on-premise deployment so you can augment your AppDynamics data with secure internal synthetic checks.

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Apica LoadTest and AppDynamics Integration

Proven tools for peak conditions

Make evidence-based decisions

Understand how your applications are performing from an end-user and server level perspective and get actionable intelligence on how your application responds under load.

Uncover root cause

We automatically fetch business transaction data after each load test from your AppDynamics account. Quickly drill down to the stack trace level and pinpoint the issues that are the most critical.

Improve performance

Make load testing more collaborative and share performance data. By improving communication between QA and development teams, you’ll resolve issues faster and elevate performance.

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